OPN The Sweet Spot
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Amy Poeppel brings her distinctive style in her big-hearted and charming work, The Sweet Spot. This insightful and exuberant novel explores the complexities of love, animosity, and the delightful absurdities that lie in between.

Set in the vibrant heart of Greenwich Village, three women unexpectedly find themselves united when an abandoned baby—belonging to none of them—suddenly appears on their shared doorstep.

Lauren and her family are fortunate enough to inherit a magnificent brownstone full of history. The place is however covered in unattractive 70s wallpaper.

Adding to the home's eclectic charm is the basement bar, The Sweet Spot, a beloved place that is frequented by locals.

Soon after moving in, Lauren unintentionally provokes the wrath of a neighbor, inadvertently sparking the unraveling of a couple's marriage, despite never having met them before.

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Caught in the tumult

Meanwhile, Melinda finds herself reeling from her husband's abrupt departure after thirty years of marriage, opting for a younger woman named Felicity.

Fueled by a fiery rage, Melinda embarks on a campaign of chaos, including a memorable outburst in Felicity's Soho boutique.

Caught in the tumult is Olivia, the determined twenty-something working behind the counter with lofty aspirations but crippling debt. Attempting to defuse Melinda's fury, Olivia's own outburst leads to her abrupt dismissal, courtesy of social media platform TikTok.

As Melinda's ex-partner abandons their newborn and follows his paramour across the country, the three women rally together to navigate forgiveness, forgetting past grievances, mastering baby sleep techniques, and embarking on a quest to reunite the wayward parents.

In the midst of their collective endeavors, fueled by determination and bound by the ties of their close-knit community, these resilient women forge a path towards the fulfillment of the happily ever afters they each yearn for.

Through their unwavering support for one another, their shared trials and triumphs, and the bonds of friendship that grow stronger with each challenge they face, they navigate the complexities of life with resilience and grace, ultimately discovering that the true magic lies in the journey itself, and in the unwavering strength found within the bonds of friendship and community.

Ahmad Nazir is a UAE based freelance writer