Most of us were taught that people have flaws and only good people accept others for who they are. Most religions teach us acceptance. However, most people confuse being accepting for being submissive.

Acceptance means acknowledging that what is done is done and that life is not perfect. That it is not designed to give us all that we want. Accepting is viewing reality clearly, without colouring it with fake shades to beautify it. You should accept that life is sometimes unfair and you are sometimes helpless facing its unfairness. You should accept that people are human; they were created imperfect and you have to deal with these imperfections. Acceptance is seeing and acknowledging facts then choosing, deciding and reacting to those facts.

However, you should not accept unacceptable behaviors. You may accept that someone has flaws and does you wrong but not to deal with that person and embrace his\her wrong deeds is not accepting, it is submission. It is a decision to comply and cope. Submission may be what you really want or may be your only choice. 
Submission is accepting the unacceptable, it means you are helpless or pragmatic or flexible or whatsoever you want to name it. Mistreat, disrespect and abuse should not be accepted and when you accept them, you are submissive not accepting. Any sort of physical and psychological harms is unacceptable.

You may accept that your partner is abusive but may not submit to their abuse. You may accept that your job is not rewarding but choose to stay. You may accept who you are and acknowledge your weaknesses and deficiencies but decide to grow, develop or remain as you are.

You may accept that you are submissive to unacceptable behaviours but you should not call yourself an accepting person.

- The reader is the Chief Executive Officer of a Dubai based company