Picture problem

Does Gulf News have any decency (“Imran: The way forward for Pakistan”, Gulf News, July 29)? Why does the newspaper publish caricatures of Imran Khan? Doesn’t Gulf News realise he is now the Prime Minister of Pakistan? Please show respect for country leaders. Remove the article or change his picture.

From Mr Sa’ad Azhar


Real picture

Will Gulf News please stop posting cartoons of people? Put up Imran Khan’s real picture instead. We have a lot of respect for him.

From Mr Naveed Khan


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Gulf News should be ashamed of its actions. The newspaper has no right to create caricatures of leaders like Imran Khan. I strongly condemn this biased act.

From Ms Jiya Malik


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Thank you for your feedback. Political cartoons and caricatures are an essential part of Opinion columns around the world. Gulf News is no exception. The illustrations that appear every day in these pages are not meant to denigrate any leader. It’s merely to enhance story-telling and reader experience. There has never been any intent to offend.

Gulf News

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