Looking for Alex

I would like to throw in my support with those who are missing Alex, the cartoon strip. I was hoping this was a temporary absence, since we were given no warning that it was about to disappear. Business section badly needs the injection of something a little light-hearted – Alex provides this, and I think many of Gulf News’ readers would welcome the return of something that takes such a sideways view of world business. It has always been the first thing I look for in the Business section.

As for the letter from Ms Elize van Wyk, I wholeheartedly agree with her (“Cater to all,” Gulf News, June 22). I feel Gulf News has become very biased, and I sometimes wonder whether I am reading a newspaper from Mumbai rather than Gulf News. I accept the fact that the newspaper has a very strong Subcontinent readership, but this should not be to the exclusion of the other nationalities that make up the tapestry of the UAE. We have two full pages of India daily and one full page of Pakistan. The rest of the world is glossed over with one page, sometimes only half a page or less, of UK and Europe (this being the entire continent of Europe, including Russia). One page again, sometimes less, for the Americas — the United States, Canada and the whole of South America surely deserve more than a few paragraphs above quarter or half a page of advertising. Then, one page for the whole of Asia, and Australia and New Zealand get lumped in with the African continent for pitifully few news items or are totally ignored. I fail to see how underground water levels in Islamabad or centres for the elderly in Kerala are more newsworthy than other major global events. On the plus side, Gulf News carries a lot of excellent comments in The Views and praise to those responsible for putting together this section — they are doing a first-class job.

I look forward with hope to seeing the return of Alex.

From Ms Jacqueline Josephson


Where is Alex?

It is with great consternation that I notice the absence of Alex’s antics from Gulf News’ Business section, exacerbating the natural dryness of these pages! The space left by him is being filled with “A tit-for-tat...”

Bring Alex back!

From Mr Klaus Eidelpes


Thank you for the feedback. We always welcome our readers writing and calling in, as it helps us to stay accurate and relevant. With reference to Alex, the cartoon strip was moved to accommodate more content as per reader requests. Nevertheless, the decision continues to be evaluated and what you have said has been taken onboard as part of that process. We will keep you posted.

Additionally, Gulf News is a newspaper of record and is read by people of various nationalities. That is why we have divided our coverage into regions and countries.

Gulf News also understands that people are interested in not only what happens in their own country but also around the world. On the India pages, apart from the in-depth stories, we try to give a helicopter view of what is happening around the country in the hope that it benefits the avid Indian reader, as also people from other countries curious to know what is happening in India. This is true for Pakistan, too.

Nevertheless, again, we will take your feedback into account for future decisions.

Gulf News

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