Reforms needed for schools

This is absolutely fantastic news (“Dubai school to shorten study week to 3.5 days from April”,Gulf News, January 29)! Let the UAE lead the way for other countries to follow. It’s high time we had a different approach to education. Children should learn life skills, and sadly, that’s not the focus in school. This system of education was formulated during industrialisation. Reformation in our education system is long due.

From Michelle Reni
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Needed change

This is a brilliant initiative! I’m glad that this has finally been put into effect. People are thinking about the child’s development. This is excellent.

From Ms Saba Kaipa
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Children get more time

Although late, this is an appreciated step. Children already have so much to study and are constantly running around between school, extra classes and tuitions that they hardly get time for themselves. This new rule will give them extra time to relax and take a break. I wish my children had this when they were in school.

From Ms Meher Nandani

New wave of leaders

Now this is the time where real change has started in Pakistan under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan (“Pakistan to set up fast-track courts for Pakistani expatriates to settle land-grab cases”, Gulf News, January 29). Soon, Pakistan will become famous.

From Mr Taimur Imtiaz

Adopt, don’t buy

No one deserves a pet unless it’s a rescued one (“Save an animal”, Gulf News, January 28). People need to stop the selling of animals and feel the pleasure of actually saving a stray or rescued animal that has been waiting at a shelter for months, if not years, to be wanted by a loving family.

From Ms Ame Ali
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People need manners on the road

The issue of tailgating has been discussed many a times but the same is still continuing on the roads (“Tailgating still rampant on UAE roads, say motorists”, Gulf News, December 26, 2018). I travel from Sharjah to Al Barsha every day and use the Emirates Road. I have experienced tailgating many a times and also have escaped from many accidents, which would have happened due to the tailgating. We might think that tailgating happens only in the fast lane, but I have experienced it even on the slower tracks. I always avoid driving in the fast lanes, especially on highways as I have seen other drivers face similar issues. They come so close to our car from behind and start flashing their headlights. It is unnerving for the driver. They come so close that if I happen to break, they will hit the back of the car. If I do not move out, they would overtake from our left or right and get in front of us, which is also very dangerous. I have experienced such situations and it is only because of being alert and paying attention to the road that I have managed to escape accidents. I also wish to add that it is not only on highways but I have seen tail gating even on the internal roads. Tailgating is really a dangerous practice and especially for new drivers on the roads it might lead to some serious accidents. Let us all try to be good drivers on the roads and drive safely.

From Mr Ajeet Kumar S. Pillai

Appreciate your sorroundings

When was the last time you ever saw a sunset? Or saw waves crashing into each other? Or felt the cold morning air against your face? If you recall, you will notice that it has been a long time since you’ve felt the pleasure of our beautiful and peaceful world. Our own environment has become so foreign to us, that it feels as if we are all living in a bubble.

Bubbles that only consist of social media, or anxiety for upcoming exams, social prejudices, or maybe a new television series. If we can just take a second to pop these bubbles we’ll notice how much we are missing. We’re missing out on the environment, fresh air and more. These are the things which help us lead a positive life. It helps us and reminds us that we can survive on Earth.

From Ms Qurratulain Anwer

What’s wrong with the system?

The transfer of four Indian nuns who fought against Bishop Franko is absurd and it’s clear that the church is trying to sabotage the case (“Another Kerala nun who took part in protest against rape accused bishop asked to report to superior”, Gulf News January 22). It is challenging the people with its order. The church always tries to suppress the dissenting voices. The government should give protection to these nuns who are key players in the case and have fought for the rights of other nuns who have suffered. Let’s hope Bishop Franko gets maximum punishment according to the law.

From Mr Eappen Elias

Dangerous to all

I am writing to you to thank Gulf News for publishing the article on the festival of Jallikattu (“Blood sport or celebration, has Jallikattu lost its charm?”, Gulf News, January 22). The article has brought out an important aspect of human and animal deaths. Since Jallikattu was legalised in 2017, at least 35 humans and 32 bulls have died in the game, which may have gone unreported. The game in its current form is nothing but cruelty to animals and a threat to human lives. Such games do not belong to a country like India, which has its foundation laid in ‘Ahimsa’ or non-violence.

From Mr Nikunj Sharma

An informative read

The article published about the festival of Jallikattu, made me feel good as I realised that there are people who also think that this sport is cruel. We can’t be blind towards such ‘so called’ traditions and forget about being compassionate to all the living beings. Thank you for compiling such a great piece and highlighting the truth about this cruel sport.

From Ms Erika Goyel

Priyanka Gandhi and politics

This is with reference to Priyanka Gandhi’s entry into Indian politics (“Priyanka factor promises an exciting poll battle”, Gulf News, January 29). The Indian Congress party president, Rahul Gandhi’s recent Uttar Pradesh (UP) launch of an additional secretary for Eastern UP made sensational news. It was an expected one but little late. For more than three decades, the Congress was not ruling UP and with this Congress is expecting a turning point in UP politics. Priyanka Gandhi not only resembles her grandmother, Indira Gandhi, but is accepted by the people of UP. The state is the main target for all the political parties in the 2019 elections.

From Mr K. Ragavan

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