UAE skyline
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UAE, the role model

I have been working in the UAE for more than 17 years (“How the UAE is achieving prosperity and stability”, Gulf News, November 24). This is the nation for freedom, innovation, determination, motivation, equality and much more. I am an Indian expatriate and have never felt any discrimination in the name of religion, colour, or nationality in this country. The UAE’s officials appreciates and rewards people for innovation and humanitarian deeds. People in the UAE are sincerely eager to do good things and suggest good ideas for this nation. In this country, every festival is celebrated. The government ensures that everyone in this country receives quality education, decent living, a clean environment, facilities for worship and much more. There are many things to explore and enjoy in every corner of this nation.

I would love to see more fabulous days here in the UAE. I thank the country from the bottom of my heart. Let us celebrate the 51st National Day of the UAE with happiness and pride.

From Mr Sameer Usman


How much I love UAE as an expatriate

It was my childhood dream to settle in the UAE. My dad spent three-fourths of his life in the UAE. He moved here back in the 1980s. From long stretches of sand dunes to eye-catching skyscrapers, my father saw the country change and grow.

The way he spoke about the UAE was the reason that a deep love for the country bloomed within me even before visiting it.

My first visit to the UAE was in 2007, when I was in grade eight. It was December, the Dubai Shopping Festival was in full swing. I was awe-struck by the tall buildings and the lights at night. It was a busy holiday we did not stay home even for one day. I had a never-ending list of places to visit and shop. This experience always made me think I should settle in this country. It was the day to return and the time I spent here vanished like a day.

My father used to visit us yearly, once during his vacation, and time flew by. Today, my love for the country has brought me back to settle down with my husband and three-year-old child after 15 years.

From Ms Sana Fathima J


UAE: Land of opportunity

I have seen the UAE grow in many ways since I landed in 1991 - from its two-way roads to multiple-lane roads, from small buildings to skyscrapers. The tallest building when I came to Dubai was the old Trade Centre building on Sheikh Zayed Road. It is incredible to see how this city was built so fast within a short time. To see the Palm and the Bur Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, the driverless Metro, and the Tram - everything was built in front of our eyes, all thanks to the grand vision of the leaders who strive to make it a better and safe place to live in.

Dubai has allowed me to walk side by side with people of different nationalities. Whatever I am and possess today is only because of the opportunities given to me by this country. I am sure many expatriates would agree that if not for this country, many of us would not have been able to lead such comfortable lives. I wish this country, its great leaders, and people a Happy National Day, with many more years of success, peace, and happiness. May this land continue to be a land of opportunity for generations to come.

From Mr Eappen Elias


Celebrating unity

The UAE National Day is celebrated with great joy and happiness. People put flags in their homes and show respect and love for the country. I always feel proud of this country. I am very grateful to be raised in this country. The UAE always makes me feel safe. I am thankful to the UAE Rulers for being very kind and ensuring that the people are safe and that everyone is treated equally. I wish you all a happy National Day!

From Mr Milan Sunil


UAE, a second home

I congratulate the UAE on celebrating its 51st National Day. I want to salute the UAE Rulers and all those involved in developing the UAE. What a year we had! The Expo 2020 was a great success, with tourists from around the world visiting. The UAE always strives to be first in everything. I have been in this country for the last three decades, and I have seen the growth of this nation. I am proud to be here and be a part of the growth of this nation. This is my second home, and I feel blessed to be here. Finally, I congratulate all my Emirati friends who are so friendly and sweet, and we never feel that we are in a foreign country.

From Mr Ajeet Kumar S Pillai


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