Well played

Congratulations to Indian Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni for stealing the show by his heroic 224 runs at M. A. Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai, India (‘Dhoni smashes double ton as India take control,’ Gulf News, February 25). By scoring a double century Dhoni has answered all the criticism and brought back the faith amongst the Indian cricket fans. Through the entire game, Dhoni amused the audience by playing very confident shots. He did not only cross the mark of 4000 runs in Test cricket, but also set very high standards. Dhoni’s innings has proved that he is one of India’s best batsmen in all three formats of cricket and his captaincy shouldn’t be questioned. With his innings Dhoni has changed the course of game and given a fine start to the four match series. Indian cricket fans now have high expectations to win this series, based on their captain’s performance.

From Mr Mohammad Mudassir Alam

Bihar, India

It’s our responsibility

Thanks for bringing this up (Garbage becoming tourist repellant,’ Gulf News, February 23). I see the Sharjah Municipality workers cleaning up round the clock, regardless it being a weekday or a weekend. They make sure that the tourist spots are always spic and span. This is very encouraging and positive for me and my family. It’s the educated people that leave their rubbish behind and these workers just keep cleaning. As civilised human beings, it is our responsibility to keep our environment clean. Our actions reflect our upbringing and knowledge, we need to keep that in mind and be responsible.

From Mr Asghar Ali


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Check your facts

The article concerning giraffes eating from the ground should have been checked (‘Letters to the editor: Create a better environment,’ Gulf News, February 20). I am guessing that Ms Kolli has not been to Africa or watched giraffes on television. Giraffes in the wild eat the same way as they were in the picture at Al Ain Zoo. This is because even in the wild they don’t always have the choice to eat from trees. I wonder if Ms Kolli thinks that giraffes always drink water from waterfalls.

From Mr H. H.


Pedestrian crossings

Community reporter Zeeshan Mohammad has done a good job in raising a very important issue (‘Urgent need for pedestrian crossing,’ Gulf News, February 24). There is a lack of pedestrian crossing all over Dubai and Sharjah. The problem gets worse on main roads, where people have to run across the road risking their lives, paying fines and increasing the probability of accidents.

I wish the Roads and Transport Authority takes special notice on this issue. They don’t need to fine people, but build adequate pedestrian crossings. I once was fined crossing the road at 6am when there were no cars on the road. Also, I noticed that the community reporter took the picture of the woman crossing while he was driving. Whether the car was moving or still, it is dangerous to use your phone and take pictures while driving. I hope he didn’t take it himself.

From Mr Nitin Kumar

Problem area

There is a lack of pedestrian crossings in Sharjah. In Sharjah International Airport Free Zone (SAIF Zone) area there are many employees that need to cross the highway just to get to work every day. There is also a bus stop on the other side of SAIF Zone highway, but there is no pedestrian overpass or underpass to reach there. It would be great if the authorities look into this issue. We cannot loose innocent lives like this.

From Mr Jex



We lived in Al Warqa 3 for almost three years (‘International City stench concerns waved away,’ Gulf News, February 23). This is opposite International City across Al Aweer Road. I can confirm that International City residents are definitely not suffering from any psychological effects of living close to a sewage plant. The stench emanating from their area, wafting up over all areas of Al Warqa was unbearable at times. For some reason, the smell was stronger during the night and it was impossible to leave our windows open. Also the winter months were always worse than the summer months.

From Ms S Mallin


Shift the plant

Though it is not regular but the smell spreads as far as Al Warqa, which is another residential area next to International City. This happens mostly at night, I think it depends on the wind direction, as it is not regular. But certainly there is a foul smell. I think the authorities need to shift the plant away from the residential areas, sooner the better.

From Mr Mujtaba


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I have been living in the Morocco cluster for more than a year, and the smell bothers me every day. Since the day I moved in I’ve been worried about my health. I am not sure if the smell leads to health problems, but believe me it is disgusting.

From Mr Vadivalagan


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A simple problem

I recently visited International City and I would like to express my views as a retired environment scientist from India. In the absence of any details of the type of treatment given to the sewage, I presume that it is a maintenance problem. Often due to anaerobic conditions mainly gases like hydrogen sulphide may be released. This gas smells similar to rotten eggs. Inhaling this particular gas causes headache and nausea. The solution for this is that aerobic conditions must be maintained. To suppress the evolution of the gas neutralisation with any alkali preferably the sprinkling of simple lime should be resorted to. Overall, this is a simple maintenance problem.

From Mr K Srinivasan


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