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COVID-19: Individual responsibilities

I am currently in India, and after spending many years in the UAE, I'm trying to adjust to the current situations, especially the sudden increase of COVID-19 cases in the country (“India warns states of worsening COVID-19 situation if rules ignored”, Gulf News, February 24). When I was in the UAE, I saw that the authorities were trying their best to spread awareness and curb the spread of COVID-19. But in India, the situation seems to be more critical. Being from a Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) background, I think it's high time every individual thinks seriously about who is responsible for controlling or spreading the virus. Maharashtra's chief minister has appealed to the citizens to strictly follow all the guidelines and work as a team to prevent coronavirus spread. I think if everyone takes care of their own lives in a well-maintained healthy manner, then the spread of viruses can be controlled. It is easy to stay happy and healthy and keep the community safe by following guidelines. It is common sense, not rocket science.

From Mr Arvind Dhumale

Maharashtra, India

Ravichandran Ashwin joins 400 Test wickets club

Hats off to our ace spinner, Ravichandran Ashwin, for crossing 400 wickets in Tests, that too in just 77 Test matches, next to Mutthiah Murlitharan's record in 72 Test matches (“Ravi Ashwin: India’s biggest match-winner since Anil Kumble?”, Gulf News, February 16). To be frank, with age catching up with him and in the coming two years, he could play a maximum of 15 to 16 Tests, at best, he could add another 80 to 85 wickets. To catch up with Anil Kumble's record of 619 may not be possible for Ashwin in the near future. I am happy that he was brave enough to give fitting replies to Ahmedabad's critics for the third Test, which was not unplayable. What was needed is caution with aggression, which England batsman Crawley and our own Rohit Sharma proved with their valuable knocks.

From Mr N Mahadevan


World Wildlife Day 2021

Every year, March 3 is observed as World Wildlife Day by the United Nations, and this year's theme is 'Forest and livelihoods: Sustaining people and planet'. With the decline in forests, we have lost many different species of wild animals. Deforestation has caused a massive imbalance in nature. Human intervention is the main reason due to which many animals have been extinct or on the verge of extinction. Worldwide campaigns by Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and government bodies are required to protect the remaining wildlife. Forest areas should be preserved, and wildlife sanctuaries should be protected. People also have to do their part in protecting nature. Let us push for a more caring, thoughtful and sustainable relationship with nature.

Eappen Elias


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