Great initiative

Dubai Fitness Challenge is yet another wonderful initiative that clearly shows the path to good health (“Dubai Fitness Challenge: Countdown is on”, Gulf News, October 8). The 30-day challenge, wherein the participants needs to allocate just 30 minutes a day, to exercise will not only help the physical well-being of people, it will also make us much better human beings. Today, we all are running around to reach materialistic goals, sacrificing our well-being in the process. It is high time we hit the pause button and move towards good health. The path breaking initiative has come at the right time. I am sure that if we follow the exciting and action-packed challenge with multiple activities, we will start a journey that leads to heightened self-awareness and enrichment. I am ready for the challenge and I want all of you to become an integral part of this.

From Mr. C Sunil Roy


Smart and healthy city

There is no doubt that Dubai is a smart city and can get better by being healthy. Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Crown Prince and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council has shown us the right path through the Dubai Fitness Challenge to help make Dubai one of the most physically active cities in the world. Self-motivation is the key. Do it for yourself. There is no need to prove anything to anybody, no need to win prices, do it for yourself. Make a habit of eating right and have regular activity. Diets never work because of the boredom that comes with eating same thing. Take the stairs, stop using the lift or escalators. But don’t climb a flight of steps of a high rise in one go without preparing your body first. Keep your body hydrated and let it flush out the toxins. You can do a number of activities like yoga, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), gym, aerobics and more. Everything is a balance of diet and exercise.

From Mr Hyder Mirza


Film industry to blame

I totally disagree (“Films can play role in eliminating terrorism”, Gulf News, October 8). There have been many films, both fictional and factual, that have actually inspired terrorism. An accidental aircraft disaster hitting a building inspired the 9/11 tragedy. The movie Pelham 123 lends the idea that the underground metro mass transit rail systems are an easy target. Such films breed ideas of terrorism, just the same as being able to get information on how to make a bomb from the internet. We put far too much information and bad ideas into the public domain instead of restricting it. However, terrorism has been around for a long time – it is nothing new. The film industry should be more responsible and look for other storylines.

From Mr David Woodward


Films play a role

Cinema is very close to the common man, especially the younger generation. Nowadays, along with cinema theatres, there are different platforms available to access films. Though cinema lovers still throng to catch the first show on the first day, some prefer to view at their home’s convenience. Films are a more convenient medium to convey a message, as pictures and images stamp a great impression in the heart of the audience. Hence, a transparent and true pasteurisation can help to eliminate terrorism. The way something is sown and then cultivated, cannot be easily digested for many people. In that way too, films can guide many households about its undisclosed scenarios. Ignorance drives terrorism.

From Ms Annie Rathi Samuel


Real and fake

Social media platforms like Facebook, are not helping people boast about themselves, but help in putting a person at ease (“Social media vs personal interaction”, Gulf News, October 8). The tensions inside the body is relieved and many feel safe to interact with others easily. So it is a good outlet. But boasting is not going to make any difference because once we come to know the real thing, we can cut that person off from our circle.

From Mr. Om Prakash Sharma


Congratulations are in order

Praise for the Sri Lankan cricket team, especially their old war horse, Rangana Herath, who captured an 11-wicket haul, to plot the downfall of Pakistan at Abu Dhabi (“Pakistan succumb to Herath magic in the capital”, Gulf News, October 3). It is a remarkable turnaround as they had to defend a small target of 138 runs. We also congratulate Herath for capturing 400 test wickets in just 84 test matches. Well done Sri Lanka, keep it up.

From Ms Janaki Mahadevan


Time will tell

Congratulations to Indian cricketer Murali Vijay for becoming a father to a baby boy. It is also heartening to know that he is working hard to return to the Indian team as an opener. But with the success of Shikhar Dhawan, Ajinkya Rahane and Rohit Sharma in One Day International (ODI) cricket, it may be a Herculean task for Murli Vijay to regain his place. Let us wait and see if whether Ravi Shastri still has faith in his capabilities. Let us wait and watch!

From Mr N. Viswaanathan


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