Call for connection

I am staying in Ajman’s new industrial area behind Makka market. Our building is new and it was opened in May 2014. I moved into this flat on June 1, 2014. I applied for internet connection with an eLife plan via a salesperson. After a couple of days, the installation crew came to fix the same. But I was shocked to learn that the main fibre optics cable from the main road was not connected to the building. I raised a complaint on June 14 and till now, they have no idea what they are waiting for.

I lodged many complaints but their answer was only, “our back end team will call you”, but no one called me. So we discussed the same with our neighbours, as they were also very frustrated, having been without internet for five months. We visited etisalat’s head office in Ajman on August 20 and gave the complaint to the planning department. They gave approval to the cable department team for the connection. They did not mention the time frame for it because they said the cable team will call for the appointment with the building owner. After three to four weeks’ follow-up, I revisited the head office on September 16 to inform that no cable engineers visited our building. But the person at the cable department said there is no cable in stock and it will take three-four months. This is really annoying. Etisalat is a very big service provider, yet they do not have a cable to connect?

Kindly help us and resolve the issue.

From Mr Sasikumar Balaraman


The management of etisalat responds:

Kindly note that the customer’s area needs huge civil work and we are scheduled [to provide the internet connection] on November 2. The customer has already been updated and agreed to wait.

Mr Balaraman responds:

Etisalat has installed the internet package in my flat on October 30. Thanks Gulf News, for the help. The issue is resolved and case is closed.

(Process initiation: September 25. Response from organisation: October 13. Process completion: November 1.)

Bank withholding final settlement

I have personal finance with Noor Bank and I recently changed my job. My previous employer has deposited the full and final settlement cheque to the bank. Noor Bank is holding my full and final settlement even after I submitted my new visa, salary certificate and salary transfer letter.

The reason, they say, is that they will hold it for three months as my new company is not listed with Noor Bank. However, listing the company is not relevant as I am not applying for any new loan or top-up.

When I called 8006667, they said that upon submission of documents, my cheque will be released. Also, this was not mentioned anywhere in the terms and conditions of the loan application. Could you please help me with this?

From Mr Firoz Babu


The management of Noor Bank responds:

Noor Bank takes customer complaints seriously and works to amicably resolve issues. We prioritise transparency in our approach to ensure optimum customer satisfaction.

Noor Bank wishes to confirm that Mr Babu’s issue has been fully resolved. Following the intimation received from Gulf News, our customer service department contacted Mr Babu. The team then investigated details of the complaint and subsequently released Mr Babu’s payment that was on hold.

We are glad to inform that Mr Babu has closed his complaint.

Mr Babu responds:

Thank you for the information and as stated in the email from Noor Bank, the issue has been resolved and I don’t have anymore issues with them.

(Process initiation: November 12. Response from organisation: November 23. Reader confirmation: November 23.)

Charged for nothing

This is regarding a complaint made on a dispute of Dh1,142.50 with Emirates NBD. I made a purchase of Dh1,142.50 from my Emirates NBD card for booking [air tickets] for my wife and daughter on August 11, 2014 and I received a message stating that the bank charged an amount of Dh1,142.50 for the booking of November 24. So I thought it had been done. But the problem arose when I went to Air India Express office to move my tickets for November 14. I came to know that Air India had not received any payment. So I called up the bank, as per their instructions, I filled out a dispute form and sent it to Emirates NBD. Simultaneously, I visited Air India Express office as well but they said they will not be able to process anything since they have not received any payments. So I kept on following up with Emirates NBD, but there was a delay in processing and in the end, they told me that the refund is not possible, as the transaction is out of time. I am disappointed that nobody is helping me out and I am just left with nothing. Hope to get help from Gulf News.

From Mr Jagjit Singh


The management of Emirates NBD responds:

We are pleased to inform you that our Group Customer Experience team has been in touch with Mr Singh and has provided him with the necessary clarifications regarding the disputed transaction.

Furthermore, we wish to clarify that the disputed transaction was rejected from our end, since the transaction was out of the permissible time frame for initiating a dispute with the merchant. However, our team looked into Mr Singh’s concerns and informed him that the bank will consider the dispute request raised by him again as a service gesture and will grant him a temporary credit of the disputed amount to his credit card to avoid any inconvenience caused during the investigation.

We would like to thank you for your continuous support in offering us the opportunity to further assist our valued customers.

Mr Singh responds:

Thank you Gulf News for your concern. I have been contacted by Emirates NBD and now the issue is resolved. They have credited the amount into my credit card. I received really great help from you guys. I think without Gulf News it wouldn’t have happened. Thank you so much for your help.

(Process initiation: November 29. Response from organisation: December 3. Reader confirmation: December 3.)

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