Feeling short-changed

For sometime now, I have been seeing readers commenting about articles or news items which I have not seen or read in the newspaper. I thought somehow I had missed reading those though I am a thorough reader of the paper. But on November 30 I really felt short changed as I read an article on Indian politician Varun Gandhi in the Views section of the paper and turned the page to read people commenting about the same article, which they mentioned they had read on November 26.

I have been a faithful reader and a subscriber of Gulf News for the past 25 years. But I think nowadays loyal subscribers like us feel as if we only get old news, less preference in the letters section, which anyway is not available every day as earlier, as compared to the comments on Facebook, lack of good articles to read as you have reduced the number of pages in the Views section to a mere three, and no more detailed world news from African or Australian continents. As a subscriber, I kindly demand an answer from the editorial team.

From Ms Sajida Kamal

Abu Dhabi

First and foremost we would like to clarify that our print content and website content complement each other. One leads to the other. One gives your breaking news, the other offers detailed analyses. One gives you luxury of space while the other requires brevity to cope with the limited real estate available. But, at no point is either the digital or print reader shortchanged, each offers content based on preferences and reading choices created after extensive research and evaluation. It is also based on news weightage. At some points there is cross migration of content, too. And this is what you saw. We would encourage you to read and enjoy both platforms for a complete experience. Additionally, just because the number of pages have reduced, in no manner has the volume of content gone down - just the presentation has changed. We hope that helps answer your query. Thank you for the feedback.

Gulf News