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Storytelling comes alive at Sharjah forum

The three-day event will comprise of special events and programmes featuring well-known narrators and storytellers

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Sharjah: The 17th edition of Sharjah International Narrators Forum (SINF) kicked off on Monday in Sharjah with an array of programmes and events aimed at promoting the art of storytelling.

The three-day event running until September 27 under the theme ‘Biographies and Epics’, features storytellers, performers and experts and more than 100 different shows and attractions from 28 countries.

It’s being organised to honour well-known narrators and storytellers as well as foster storytelling skills among all age groups.

The opening ceremony witnessed a grand celebration comprising of special events and performances. Featuring the famous researcher — Dr Yaqoob Yousuf Al Haji, an eminenet personality of the industry and the next-generation of artists, narrators and story-tellers, the forum also saw the official launch of the accompanying exhibition of the forum.

“2017 has been an inspirational year for creative arts and culture. In this year of reflection, we are pleased to present a strategic platform to inspire and encourage narrators and story-telling experts to share innovative ideas and new practices, and celebrate Sharjah’s literary and social heritage and culture,” said Dr Abdul Aziz Al Musallam, Chairman of the Sharjah Institute for Heritage Institute and Supreme Committee of SINF.

He said forums as SINF are very crucial to prevent the creative and cultural wave from tapering out, especially when it comes to keeping a younger generation of storytellers hooked.

“SINF is not only a great way to sustain an art form, but is a great platform to enhance Sharjah’s cultural heritage. Over the years, SINF’s has served as a platform, providing space for camaraderie, connection-making and inspiration for fans of heritage and folk tales,” he added.

The programme and events this year will be in both Arabic and English. It also includes the round table event, which includes experiences and testimonies in the oral narrative arts, and various events such as folktales and others.