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How to prevent 'hair loss and darkening of skin'

'I notice that my hair loss has accelerated quite a bit and also graying'

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A reader asks: I recently moved to Dubai from Mumbai, India. Overall it was a good experience, however, a few health issues have cropped up as part of settling in and wish to seek advice on the same.

I notice an ongoing problem with the darkening of my face and other exposed parts of the body. What sunscreen (if any) would you recommend?

I notice that my hair loss has accelerated quite a bit and also graying. The water here is hot most of the time, given the weather, and probably could be the reason for it. Anything I could do to help the situation?

Dr Ann Mary Jacob (licenced homeopathic practitioner, Al Balsam Homeopathic Centre, Sharjah) replies: Hair loss is a common problem faced by those living in UAE. The reason for this can be the use of chemically treated water, which has high chlorine content, over stress etc. Shower filters will reduce the damage caused by tap water to some extend. If you are suffering from serious hair loss, consult a doctor and get the underlying cause diagnosed, if any.

Exposure to intense heat of sun can cause pigmentation of skin. You can protect yourself from the harmful effects of sunlight by applying sunscreen with SPF 30 or above, at least half an hour before stepping out in the sun.

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