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Tourist leaves son behind at Dubai shopping mall

Man discovered his son was missing only after his car hit a kerb and its tyre burst

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Dubai: A father of eight children realised he had left his son behind at a local mall only when his car hit the kerb of a nearby roundabout and a tyre burst.

The tourist from a Gulf country stepped out of the car to check his car and when he was checking his children and wife, he discovered that he had forgotten the child in the shopping mall.

The incident happened on the service road of Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road in front of the Dubai Police’s General Department of Transport and Rescue office.

Lieutenant-Colonel Abdullah Bishwa, director of the Land Rescue Department, said they heard the sound of the tyre bursting outside their headquarters and went out to see what the commotion was all about.

“We went to check on the family and they were all safe. The father was checking his eight children when he discovered that he had forgotten his 10-year-old son in the shopping mall,” Lt-Col Bishwa said.

“He claimed that he forgot his son in the mall because he was tired and didn’t check as he had many children and many shopping bags,” Lt-Col Bishwa said.

Officers started changing the flat tyre and others escorted the father to the shopping mall to find his child.

When they reached the mall, his son had already contacted police and the father and son were reunited.

Dubai Police then provided two vehicles for the family to take them to Fujairah.

“Parents shouldn’t forget their children in busy areas or shopping malls and must check for all family members before leaving the place,” he added.