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Government employee accused of forcing woman into sexual act

Suspect charged with giving death threat when woman initially turned down his advances

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Dubai: A government employee has been accused of threatening to kill a woman after she refused to sleep with him and forcing her to perform oral sex.

The 28-year-old government employee was said to have invited the 24-year-old Colombian woman to a fancy restaurant at a luxurious hotel in Palm Jumeira in October. According to records, the man ordered drinks while they were having dinner and, after the woman too had some drinks, she complained that she was feeling dizzy and faint and accepted his offer to drop her to her house.

When the woman regained consciousness, she realised that the man had taken her to a hotel and was insisting that she have sex with him. The woman rebuffed the man’s indecent advances by telling him that she was having her menstrual cycles but he then threatened to kill her and coerced her into having oral sex.

The man then slept right next to the woman on the hotel bed before the latter sneaked out of the room once he had fallen asleep.

The woman rushed down to the hotel’s lobby and called the police.

Prosecutors accused the suspect of sexually abusing and molesting the woman and threatening to kill her.

The suspect pleaded not guilty and strongly denied the woman’s claims when he defended himself before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday.

“I did not do any of that, I am innocent. Impossible I would have done such an act because I can differentiate between the right and the wrong because of my job,” the 28-year-old government employee told presiding judge Ahmad Mohammad.

He further argued that the woman had already waived her complaint before the Public Prosecution.

The woman told prosecutors that the suspect contacted her on WhatsApp and pretended to her that they had met in a hotel earlier. “He then asked me out for dinner and I accepted his dinner invite. He ordered some drinks during dinner but I was not sure whether he had ordered an alcoholic drink. Thereafter I felt like I had lost my consciousness; then I realised that I was in his car and asked him to drop me home. Later I found myself present with him in a hotel room. He said he would sleep on the floor and I slept on the bed. Two minutes later, he jumped on to the bed and asked to have sex with me. I told him I cannot because I was having my period; he got angry,” she testified.

“Then he forced me to perform on him oral sex. He threatened to kill me and assaulted me as well when I tried to resist him. When he fell asleep, I sneaked out of the room and left. Then I reported the matter to the police and went to the hospital,” she added.

A police corporal told prosecutors that the suspect was identified by his mobile number and summoned to the police station.

“During questioning, the suspect alleged that he had dinner with the woman and they consumed liquor. He also claimed that he asked her for oral sex when she could not have sex with him,” the corporal testified.

A ruling will be heard on April 9.