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Saudi Arabia religious police officer sentenced to two months in prison for assault

Wrongfully accused a man of being alone with an unrelated female

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Dubai: A member of Saudi Arabia’s Promotion of Virtue police was sentenced to two months in prison after assaulting a citizen, according to Okaz, the daily Saudi newspaper.

Judge Mohammad Bin Saeed Al Qah’tani, who presides over the Madinah District Court, issued his ruling on the case — bringing an end to judicial proceedings which began several months ago after the victim complained about the misconduct of one of the ‘religious’ police members. The official was immediately suspended and referred to police investigators.

Okaz, which gained access to the court’s documents, revealed that the police launched an investigation into the incident after the victim reported that he was incorrectly accused of being alone with an unrelated female—in violation of rules and guidelines that the ‘religious’ police task themselves to patrol. Upon determining that the victim was wrongly accused and violently assaulted, police officers from the Al Aqeeq station ordered the assailant to turn himself in to authorities—he was then taken into custody despite resisting arrest. The court’s proceedings revealed that the officer had a personal conflict with the victim, which he sought to settle by exploiting his position as a member of the committee. He was sentenced to two months in prison for assault and resisting arrest.