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Tragedy strikes Kuwaiti family for the second time

Four brothers killed in a car accident after only six months ago six family members died in a yacht fire

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Manama: Tragedy struck a Kuwaiti family yet again when four brothers were killed in a road accident late on Thursday.

The siblings, aged between 10 and 17, were on their way home after playing a football match with relatives and friends when their vehicle was involved in a multiple-car accident on the Arabian Gulf Highway.

It was the second tragedy to hit the family in less than six months when some family members died in a yacht accident, Kuwaiti daily Al Rai reported on Saturday.

Security sources said that the brothers died in a blaze that broke out following the accident, Al Rai reported.The dead were named as Talal, Abdul Rahman, Hamad and Salman Al Awaihan.

The five injured, aged between nine and 21, were taken to the intensive care unit as the Ministry of Interior launched a full investigation into the dramatic accident.

In the previous tragedy, six members of the family, including two children, were killed and four others were injured after a yacht caught fire off the southern resort of Khairan in Kuwait.

The family was out on a cruise on December 24 when their yacht hit a boat and erupted in fire. The yacht was completely gutted, which explains the high number of casualties despite the rescue efforts exerted by the medical staff.

The victims were Abdullah Nayef Al Awaihan, the father, Huda Abdul Rahman, the mother, Noora Al Gaood, Mai Nayef Ahmad, Haya Nayef Ahmad and Jameela Abdullah Al Awaihan.