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Facebook group set up for student found dead

Friends seek to find cause of tragedy

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Manama: Relatives and friends of a Kuwaiti student found dead in an apartment in the US last month are setting up a Facebook page to help elucidate the circumstances of his death.

Jawad Hussain Haidar, a student at Indian University-Purdue was buried in his native Kuwait on Thursday, but his family and friends said they were still looking for answers and thought that the Facebook move could help them in their quest.

A relative said there were consultations with the Kuwaiti foreign ministry to send a family member to the US to follow up on the investigation and try to find out why the 30-year-old student was killed on December 28.

"His mother called him a short time before his death to offer him birthday wishes and congratulate him on buying a new car. He was very pleased with her call. He did not suffer from any ailment or psychological problem," the relative was quoted as saying by the Kuwaiti daily Al Dar.

Another relative said that all the family knew about the circumstances of the death is that Jawad had a stab on his chest and that there was a claim that it was self-inflicted, an allegation that the family vehemently rejected.

MP Yousuf Al Zalzala said that the foreign ministry needed to follow up the case closely and to monitor the US moves to investigate the death to ensure that justice prevailed.

Maasooma Al Mubarak, one of the four female lawmakers elected last year to parliament, has urged Kuwait's foreign minister to push for more attention by the ministry staff to solve the mystery of Jawad's death.