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Islamist group may pull out of Bahrain dialogue

Blames opposition for “inciting the street” and “refusing to oppose violence”

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Manama: The Islamic Menbar, one of the nine political members of a coalition taking part in the national dialogue, could pull out of the talks.

The decision, yet to be announced officially, is attributed by sources with connections to the Islamist society, “the increase in the level of street violence and the targeting of security servicemen, Bahrainis and expatriates”.

Al Menbar blames the opposition for “inciting the street” and “refusing to oppose violence”.

The talks launched last week brought together over two sessions a coalition of six opposition societies, the coalition of nine other societies, parliamentarians and ministers from the government.

Al Menbar and its coalition partners had insisted on an end to street violence before engaging in the talks, but eventually agreed to sit at the table after all pre-conditions set by participants were ruled out.

The national dialogue is seen as a golden opportunity to take the country out of a political crisis resulting from the events that unfolded in Bahrain in February 2011.