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Bahrain Crown Prince: Appreciation should be through performances

Bahrain Crown Prince Salman highlights efficiency during field visits to ministries

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Manama: Bahrain’s Crown Prince has instructed ministries not to take out ads in local dailies to thank him for his field visits.

Ministries that are keen on expressing their appreciation should do it by boosting performances and providing outstanding and integrated government services to the people, not by publishing ads, the crown prince’s court said.

Crown Prince Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa was last month appointed first deputy prime minister and has since made several visits to ministries to review their strategies, plans and programmes and to discuss with employees and citizens their ambitions and comments.

Television broadcasts showed him attend meetings with officials and engage in cordial talk with citizens of various ages during the visits to the ministries.

Following his visits, ministries published half a page ads in several dailies to thank Prince Salman for the visit.

However, the court and his office as first deputy prime minister said that the practice had to be stopped.

The appointment of Crown Prince Salman, 43, was hailed as a strong impetus to government work.