Al Shindagha Corridor Improvement Project
Al Shindagha Corridor Improvement Project Image Credit: Dubai Media Office

Dubai: Three new bridges spanning 3.1km in total are about to slash your travel time by a whopping 88 minutes.

On Sunday, May 12, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced that Phase 4 of the Al Shindagha Corridor Improvement Project is 45 per cent complete.

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Imagine new bridges, wider roads, upgraded junctions, and pedestrian and cycle bridges in Deira and Bur Dubai – this is how the project, which serves about one million people, will reduce journey time from 104 minutes to 16 minutes by 2030.

Just for an idea, this is the scope of the Al Shindagha Corridor Improvement Project – a 13km long route along Sheikh Rashid Road, Al Mina Road, Al Khaleej Street and Cairo Street.

Al Shindagha Corridor Improvement Project 1
Image Credit: Supplied

The project is one of the largest projects currently being implemented by RTA. It involves the development of 15 intersections along 13 km and due to its scale, it has been split into five phases.

What’s already completed?

The RTA has already completed several key parts of the project, which are currently operational, including:

• The Infinity Bridge: This new bridge boasts six lanes in each direction and an infinity arch, making your commute a scenic experience.
• Five bridges providing access to Dubai Islands: These new bridges offer smooth entry and exit points from Dubai Islands.
• Falcon Intersection Improvement Project: This project involved constructing three bridges and a tunnel to eliminate a major traffic bottleneck.
A main bridge on Al Khaleej Street with three lanes towards Bur Dubai.

What is included in Phase 4 of the project?

Three new bridges:

1. A 1.3km-long bridge, three lanes in each direction, will connect the Sheikh Rashid and the Falcon Intersection. The bridge has a capacity of 10,800 vehicles per hour in both directions.
2. Another 780m long bridge with a capacity of three lanes will serve traffic coming from the Falcon Intersection heading to Al Wasl Road, with a capacity of 5,400 vehicles per hour.
3. A two-lane bridge extending 985m connecting traffic coming from Jumeirah Street heading to Al Mina Street in the direction of the Falcon Intersection, with a capacity of 3,200 vehicles per hour.


Two new pedestrian and bicycle bridges

There will also be two pedestrian bridges on Sheikh Rashid Road and Al Mina Street.

Other upgrades

The project also includes constructing roads extending 4.8km, improving surface intersections on Jumeirah Street, Al Mina Street, and Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah Street. Works also include street lighting, traffic systems, rainwater drainage, and irrigation systems.

Looking ahead:

The RTA is currently working on the Al Khaleej Street Tunnel, another major component that will further improve traffic flow.