School bus
Radars have been installed on school buses in Abu Dhabi to catch motorists who fail to stop when the 'stop sign' is raised. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: There are different steps the UAE’s authorities take to protect children on UAE roads. Along with the UAE Traffic Law, the Child Rights law, also known as Wadeema’s Law, also puts in place regulations that protect children from traffic accidents.

The UAE’s Public Prosecution took to its social media channels on September 27 to educate people of Article 58 of this law.

Child protection from traffic accidents

In a video, the public prosecution shared details of Article 58, which states: The competent authorities and concerned entities shall ensure the protection of the child from traffic accidents according to the provisions of the Traffic Law and its amending laws, particularly the following:

1- Prohibiting the seating of children under ten years old in the front seats of the vehicles of all types.

2- Developing controls concerning the use of bicycles by children.

Special care for schoolchildren

In a similar vein, Abu Dhabi Police also issued a reminder on its social media channels this month, calling on motorists to come to a complete stop whenever a school bus has the ‘stop’ sign put up, and to keep a distance of no less than five metres to ensure safe and secure crossing of students. Violators will be fined Dh1,000 in addition to receiving 10 black points.

- On single-lane roads, motorists in both directions should stop at a distance of at least five metres.

- On a two-lane road, the drivers headed in the same direction of the bus must stop at a distance of at least five metres from the school bus on both lanes.

The police authority even announced that it had installed radars on schools buses to catch motorists who fail to stop when the ‘stop sign’ of the bus is raised.

Bus drivers, too, need to ensure that they comply with the requirement to put up the stop sign, to indicate to other motorists that they need to stop as children may be crossing the road. Failing to put up the stop sign will lead to a Dh500 fine along with six black traffic, according to Abu Dhabi Police.

The awareness campaign was launched by Abu Dhabi Police, after an opinion poll conducted by them showed that 17 per cent of motorists do not comply with the stop sign that is put up by school bus drivers.