The new extension at Mall of the Emirates cost approximately Dh1 billion and features over 40 retailers Image Credit: GN Archive

So just what is in the new Mall of the Emirates extension? We took some time away from our busy newsroom to find out what you can buy, see, and eat at this Dh1 billion project.

What’s it like? This writer confesses that he hasn’t been to Mall of the Emirates for a while and, in truth, struggled to find the actual extension. It was only by chance that an unfamiliar escalator finally revealed unfamiliar surroundings. This is no criticism, but an implication as to the good quality of the craftsmanship.

The extension, architecturally, is a near-seamless continuation of the rest of the mall. A long glass dome fills the area with natural light, unless it’s night time, in which case light bulbs assume the responsibility.

Where is it? The extension is on – or forms – the second floor, in the area above Carrefour. It can be accessed from the original second floor in the Central Galleria.

Where’s best to park? Let’s be honest, if you’re going to the mall it doesn’t really matter which car park you use. But, if you fancy a change, then head up to the third level and park under Ski Dubai’s giant concrete shell. This is very near to the new extension.

What’s to buy? Quite a few things, actually. There is a large Borders, and a well-stocked Mothercare. Adidas has moved into a new good-size unit and there is also a Paperchase. Lululemon Athletica opened its first Dubai branch here, too. In total there are 40 new retail outlets, with some relocating from other parts of the mall.

What’s to see? Films, mainly. The extension is the home of the new VOX Cinema, a 24-screen mega-plex which looks like something out of Star Trek. The 100,000 square-foot cinema features the Middle East’s first laser-screen IMAX, the region’s largest 4DX auditorium as well as two kids-only cinemas with adjoining party rooms.

In another attempt to woo you, there is a special luxury cinema there called “Theatre by Rhodes”. You are charged to enjoy a film in luxury while being fed by celebrity chef, Gary Rhodes.

What’s to eat? Food. Only the finest catering outlets have set-up shop in the new extension and, pleasingly, there really is something for all tastes. We think you’ll enjoy these five:

Texas de Brazil

One of the USA’s favourite Brazilian steakhouses, Texas de Brazil looks to cater to both ends of the Americas, by fusing Brazilian favourites with a Texan twist.

Cost for two Dh160 Timings Sunday to Thursday 10am to 12am; Friday and Saturday 10am to 1am Phone 04 379 2447 Website Texas de Brazil              

Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar

If you have a spare inch or two in your jean’s waistline then it’s time to get your money’s worth out of that denim. The chocolate bar is a relaxing café to sit back with a coffee and a tasty treat at any time of day.

Cost for two Dh80 appx Timings Sunday to Wednesday 9am to 12am; Thursday to Saturday 9am to 2am Phone 04 258 5290

Common Grounds

At the far end of the extension you’ll find Common Ground, which is part of the famous Tom and Serg culinary dynasty. The rulebook has been thrown out here and there are all manner of weird and wonderful combinations for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Coffee here is fantastic. We were told about something called “avo” – no idea what it is but the chirpy hostess seemed most enthusiastic about it.

Cost for two Dh180 Timings 8am to 10pm daily Phone 050 478 1094

Eat Greek Kouzina

The country’s economy might be traversing choppy waters, but thankfully Greek food hasn’t lost any of its value. Eat Greek has set up their second restaurant in Dubai in the new extension and it makes for tasty dining.

Cost for two Dh200 appx Timings 12pm to 12am daily Phone Not available

Omina Baharat

You may, or may not, know Silvena Rowe as a celebrity chef. Regardless, her restaurant portfolio has increased with a new set-up in the extension. The menu is packed full of everything from burgers to cakes. Worth a visit.

Cost for two Dh180 appx Timings 12pm to 12am daily Phone Not available