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The New Year always calls for a fresh take on lifestyle habits including hair care and with personalised experiences being made available at a click; there’s no room for excuses. Unlearn some ‘one size fits all’ haircare tips and explore new unique offerings that stand strong on traditional hair care recipes.

Vatika Oil Shampoo

Oiling your hair before a wash may not always be possible and an action-packed routine demands quick fixes. Dive into the natural goodness of Vatika’s unique range in Oil Shampoos that promise both nourishment and cleansing. Abuzz with only natural and exotic ingredients like Avocado to detox, Shea Butter to hydrate, and Hibiscus to strengthen strands; they are the ultimate solution for dry, frizzy, and breakage-prone hair. Natural nourishing oils and 100 per cent extracts of unique ingredients stand guard against external damages too such as harsh weather, hard water, and sun. Oil Shampoos are the ultimate solution when you need hair hygiene and hair health, both! Vatika has always paved a guilt-free way to shiny, healthy, and beautiful looking hair as the entire range is free from harsh chemicals like Parabens, Phthalates, and Mineral Oils.

Vatika Blending Rituals

When it comes to health, customisation is key as no two individuals will have the same hair care needs. Reimagine your head massage routine with Vatika Blending Rituals – the world’s only haircare solution that empowers you by customising a unique blend of oils to address your hair care concerns. With natural oils like Coconut, Argan, Almond, Black Seeds, Garlic, and Castor to choose from the menu; the unique mix is blended to suit your desired hair care goals. With a unique blend of your own signature hair oil, you’ll never feel the need to go back to old hair oil habits.

Vatika Enriched Hair Oil

Preserving hair health while elevating its texture and quality can be an upheaval task especially when the region’s weather conditions lead to playing spoilsport. Enter Vatika’ s exclusive range of Enriched Hair Oils with vitamins A, E and F, that have experience in tackling the long spell of hot and humid summers as well as the poor quality of water. Its specialised mix of natural components offer a nourishing solution for long, strong, and thick hair that shines with health in 20min only. Also, routine massage results in problem-free hair as massaging stimulates blood circulation to promote a healthy scalp and hair.