Mustafa Firoz, Managing Director, My Perfumes Group

In the fiercely competitive world of fragrances, My Perfumes Group has not just found its place; it has thrived. As one of the foremost perfume brands in the UAE, the company has achieved a remarkable presence across 90 countries, spanning North and South America, Canada, MENA, Europe, Russia, the Far East, and South East Asia. Not only have they earned a global reputation for exceptional quality and distinct fragrances, but they’ve also elevated the ‘Made in the UAE’ perfume label to international acclaim.

My Perfumes Group has effectively established itself in the highly competitive fragrance market. Comment.

My Perfumes Group stands as one of the leading perfume brands in the UAE, having successfully expanded its presence to cover 90 countries, including prominent perfume markets in North & South America, Canada, MENA, Europe, Russia, the Far East, and South East Asia. Our unique scent signatures have garnered a devoted following of perfume enthusiasts worldwide. With a heritage spanning three decades, we proudly claim our position as industry pioneers. Our endeavors have not only garnered global recognition for the quality and uniqueness of our fragrances but have also elevated the ‘Made in the UAE’ perfume label to an internationally renowned and desirable level.

Can you share the core values and strategies that have contributed to our growth and differentiation in the industry?

Our core value system has been our guiding light for the past three decades. We are unwavering in our commitment to being a customer-centric brand. Our enduring success is fueled by a deep understanding of our global audience, a laser focus on quality throughout the supply chain, strategic partnerships with the premier global fragrance houses, state-of-the-art manufacturing, robust research and development, utilisation of top-quality ingredients, and a team of experts who drive the success of My Perfumes Group.

What is your expertise, and which of your brands have gained international recognition?

Our expertise extends across manufacturing, global distribution, luxury retail, franchise operations, and international licensing. Our in-house brands, including Arabiyat, Arabiyat Prestige, Otoori, and My Perfumes Select, have transcended geographical boundaries, garnering international acclaim. Additionally, we’ve successfully built a diverse product portfolio through licensing agreements with esteemed international football clubs such as Barcelona, Juventus, Liverpool, and Manchester City. Our latest international collaboration is with Chupa Chups.

What is your focus for the Beauty World?

As proud platinum sponsors of Beauty World Middle East 2023, we eagerly anticipate showcasing our expertise and further solidifying our impressive 30 per cent year-on-year revenue growth from global markets. At the event, we are unveiling our avant-garde luxury retail concept, ‘My Perfumes Select.’ This concept introduces the Select fragrance palette, meticulously crafted from premium perfume absolutes, which serve as contemporary artistic tributes to the ancient art of oriental perfumery. We’ve already made successful inroads into the UAE, India, and Oman and have ambitious expansion plans on the horizon. It’s an honour to be recognised as finalists in the Home-Grown Brand of the Year and Independent Retailer of the Year categories at the Beauty World Middle East Awards 2023.

We are also set to launch an exclusive range of products under our various brands and sub-brands, all of which serve as showcases of our quality, expertise, and creativity. Notably, the My Perfumes Select range, featuring a new palette of notes and unique packaging, takes center stage.

Innovation is a driving force in the fragrance industry. Could you provide insights into any recent innovations or unique approaches your company has undertaken to develop new perfumes?

We take pride in being the first regional perfume house to introduce a brand and retail concept that revolves around individual life journeys and experiences. Additionally, we have introduced a comprehensive range of alcohol-free fragrances. Innovation remains at the core of our operations, continuously propelling us ahead of industry trends and enabling us to deliver captivating new olfactory experiences.

My Perfumes Group serves a diverse customer base. How does the company tailor its product offerings to appeal to a wide range of consumer preferences and demographics?

With a legacy spanning three decades in the art and science of crafting fragrances, we focus our efforts on four fundamental pillars. These pillars encompass our in-depth understanding of our consumers, an ingredient palette of high-quality perfume absolutes sourced from the most precious perfume ingredients, diligent research, and strategic partnerships with leading global fragrance houses. Our ability to harmonise the nuances of perfume alchemy with our diverse audiences takes place within a meticulous ecosystem that upholds the highest standards of quality control across the entire supply chain.

Customer experience and brand loyalty are paramount in the fragrance market. What steps has My Perfumes Group taken to ensure exceptional customer experiences and nurture long-term brand loyalty among its customers?

Our customers are our most valued brand ambassadors. Our strength lies in delivering an enchanting, opulent, and immersive perfume experience to our clientele. By consistently staying at the forefront of emerging trends, developing new and captivating products, maintaining unwavering quality, and offering competitive pricing, My Perfumes has risen to become one of the leading perfume companies in the Middle East. Our luxury retail concept, My Perfumes Select, serves as an immersive and intimate journey into the world of fragrances, allowing our customers to indulge in leisurely exploration.

Looking forward, what is your vision for My Perfumes Group in the next five years? Are there any exciting product launches, expansion plans, or strategic partnerships on the horizon that you can share with us?

In the coming five years, we envision an aggressive retail expansion for My Perfumes Select across the GCC and India. As for My Perfumes, our global aspirations are set in motion, with plans to take our brand worldwide.