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reating a warm and welcoming ambiance to make memories with loved ones is at the heart of the Eid Al Adha holiday. From arranging a lavish food spread of festive dishes to ending a meal over a cup of Arabic coffee and choosing the right dining tables, sofas, chairs, and home essentials for the gatherings are paramount to the holiday experience.

From refreshing current interiors with new additions to bringing an elevated, contemporary edge, PAN Home offers a selection of festive pieces that caters to every style and preference at affordable prices.

Explore must-have pieces from Pan Home’s new Eid collection incorporating a modern design aesthetic on where home delivery is available or browse in person at one of PAN Home’s showrooms across the UAE.

Explore Pan Home’s functional, yet festive and affordable Eid Al Adha picks:

Dining table sets

Elevate your Eid gatherings with the perfect dining table sets from Pan Home. Dress them up with beautiful placemats, elegant table runners, and matching napkins. Adding a statement vase with fresh flowers, candles, or traditional Eid decorations will bring an extra touch of elegance to your festive table setting.

Sofas and seating

Create the perfect seating arrangement for your guests with comfortable and stylish sofas from Pan Home. From classic 3-seater sofas to L-shaped modular sectional designs, the collection features an extensive range of styles to suit all tastes. Add textured cushions and throws to complete the look.

Coffee tables

Coffee tables serve as a focal point in the living room. Decorate them with elegant trays displaying scented candles, small vases with flowers, or decorative ornaments that reflect the festive spirit.


Console tables offer stylish and practical solutions for showcasing your festive décor. Explore designs that blend elegance and functionality and create a warm and inviting scene for your Eid celebrations.

End tables

A well-designed end table can be a practical and elegant way to create interest even in the smallest nooks of your home. Choose from a wide range of designs, from glamorous to natural finishes for your décor at Pan Home.

Serveware collection

Present your festive treats in style with elegant serveware from Pan Home. Delicate silverware, ornate tea sets, and decorative glassware are the perfect choices to add a touch of luxury to your dining experience.

Décor pieces

Enhance the festive ambiance with carefully selected home décor pieces. Incorporating traditional elements like lanterns, prayer mats, or Arabic calligraphic wall décor pieces will perfectly capture the spirit of Eid.