Imrana Zafar, 34 Pakistani, banker

Three years ago, my relative advised me to undergo dark circles and pigmentation treatment at a renowned clinic here in Dubai. The 8-session treatment cost Dh6,000 in total. 

My expectations from the treatment were high, but the reality is my dark circles continue to worry me, and my skin ended up becoming more sensitive. Since the treatment my skin starts to itch the moment it's exposed to sunlight and I experience this burning sensation. I haven't gone in for any beauty treatment after that visit.

Seena Matthew, 30, Indian, blogger

I have thick, coarse hair that's difficult to manage in the humidity and it tends to get frizzy and look dull during summers. I was suggested to go in for keratin treatment (a hair smoothing procedure), which helped reduce the frizziness of my hair and lent it some shine. I am also able to set the hair well now without having to blow dry it regularly. The treatment may have cost Dh600 but it's the best method to treat my hair during summers. 

Emily Flores, 28, Filipino, housewife

The most expensive treatment I have undergone is the Theraclear treatment at Bloom Aesthetic and Laser Clinic. I was looking for a non-invasive treatment for acne and researched some popular treatments online before deciding to opt for Theraclear. Spread across two sessions, the treatment that costs Dh1,399 helped enhance my looks and the results were clear after the first session, with lesser acne and scars. I went in for four sessions to clear my skin of acne. 

Cathy Leibman, 50, Australian, co-founder of a sustainable luxury blog

It's got to be the Color Wow Root Cover Up, a treatment package that combines roots colouring, lowlights, wash and blow-dry. Costing Dh900, it's a luxury treat I give myself every 4-6 weeks, and is perhaps an admission that I am mindful of ageing. However, as the 94-year-old Iris Apfel states, ‘If your hair is done properly and you're wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything.’

Prachi Manghnani, 38, Indian, Event designer and property consultant

The most expensive beauty treatment I have ever done is the massage, bath and body wrap at Ammara spa at Park Hyatt, Dubai. It cost around Dh1,100 and I treated myself to one during my anniversary, in April. I am a big fan of Ammara, and their products and service and I loved that feeling of rejuvenation after the treatment. I will continue going for massages at the spa as I have been doing in the past but the body wrap and bath will be for special occasions.