Light and dark: The Dubai Creek by night became the perfect canvas for Mathew P. D’Sa’s lens. Image Credit: Mathew P. D’Sa

1. Junk food just tastes so much better late at night... bring on the burgers and fries! 

2. If you step out into your balcony, the quiet that engulfs this bustling metropolis at night will take your breath away. 

3. It's an opportunity to snatch a little bit of that elusive "me-time". Get out the headphones or a good book. 

4. Watching your little one deep in slumber and immune to the cares of the world is a moment to treasure. 

5. It's the perfect time to chat with buddies living in the US or Australia. 

6. Without traffic on the road, this is also the ideal time to check whether going from Sharjah to Jebel Ali is actually possible in 45 minutes. 

7. Channel-surfing post midnight can turn up some insanely hilarious programmes. It's the best way to go to bed - with a smile on your face! 

8. Saying you were up until 3am just sounds so much cooler than saying that you went to bed at 9pm. 

9. It's the nicest time to take a walk in the neighbourhood - no need to worry about cars that are in search of parking stalking you or delivery guys on bikes running you over. 

10. There's no better moment to return phone calls to all those early-risers who usually call you up at six in the morning!