1. “Isn’t my child talented?” Please note that this is not a question but a parent seeking validation.

2. “Can you please pay for my lunch today?” When your boss asks you that, can you refuse? I can’t.

3. “Don’t I look good in this dress?” Husband or salesperson, they all say yes. Unless they feel like living dangerously.

4. “Since you are not doing anything this weekend, can you look after my pet?” Boss
or a pretty neighbour, you cannot refuse either.

5. “Don’t I cook better than your mum?” Well, love is blind but in a situation like this, you need to be suffering from ageusia.

6. “I’m going shopping, would you like to join me?” It is every husband’s nightmare when the wife poses that question and they are found fumbling for an excuse that sounds remotely valid.

7. “Haven’t I lost weight?” If the husband says ‘no’ he’ll definitely be sleeping on the couch for the rest of his life.

8. “Mum, can I have a hug?” When your grownup child asks you for some affection instead of demanding personal space, then all you can do is say ‘yes’ and don’t you dare look needy or sound too eager.

9. “Wouldn’t I look good on a Harley?” Can you say, ‘but you don’t have the right attitude, hubby dear’ without risking your marital status?

10. “Would you like some chocolate?” Now, how can anybody say no to that?