Grilled chicken and organic salad Image Credit: Anjana Sankar/XPRESS

Abu Dhabi: Healthy food served finger-licking good is the ultimate gastronomic experience a calorie-conscious foodie can ever wish for this festive season. And that’s precisely what’s on the menu at La Brioche Café Et Patisserie in Abu Dhabi.

The artistic café that has the warmth and feel of a French country cottage is ensconced in a corner, allowing you to enjoy a quiet cosy meal yet remain privy to the buzz around you.

Studying the menu, I was pleasantly surprised by how this well-loved French brand in the emirate has fused superfood quinoa to cook up sheer gastronomic treats, be it salads, burgers or even milkshakes.

My most delightful discovery was the organic quinoa and black rice burger, which is without doubt the healthiest burger I have had. The patty, made of red quinoa and black rice mixed with herbs, is soft and juicy with no hint of grease. The fluffy orange tinged bun is infused with tomato flavours. The patty with the coriander and pesto spread, a tinge of balsamic glaze, fresh tomatoes and roquette leaves completes the yumminess.

The choices of salads as well as quiches are also sure to win you over. I locked in on the grilled chicken and organic quinoa salad, which proved to be a pleasant rendezvous between health and taste in a bowl. The lemon and crushed pepper dressing lent a tangy flavour with undertones of spice.

I finished off my quinoa obsession with a wholesome smoothie with banana, berries and quinoa.It felt like washing down a healthy meal with an equally healthy drink.

A must-try is their pasta with fresh tomato and sage sauce and the crispy calamari with tartar sauce from the mains. You would not want to leave this French patisserie without dabbling with some of their desserts.


Meal for two: Dh120-Dh200

Location: First floor, Abu Dhabi mall

Timing: 9am to 10pm

For bookings: 02-671 4966

We recommend: Organic quinoa and black rice burger, banana, berries and quinoa and Crispy calamari with tartare sauce.