Shirin Ali Fakhruddin, Heading Hamidi Sterling Perfumes Industries LLC

Hamidi, a line of French and oriental fragrances from the house of Sterling, offers a range of traditionally inspired scents for today’s men and women. The product portfolio includes a vast array of oriental fragrances such as Dahn Al Oud and Mukhallat Oils, alcohol-free fine fragrances, bakhoors and Oud Muattars, air fresheners, body sprays, bath & body, etc.

The brand is further divided into two sub-brands - Deluxe Collection and Solo Collection - to cater to a diverse socio-economic marketplace globally. Over the years, Hamidi has expanded its presence worldwide, particularly in the French oriental market, and its oriental fragrances have gained immense popularity. Hamidi has extensive experience manufacturing elaborate and exquisite French oriental fragrances. The brand’s ultra-modern manufacturing facility in Dubai testifies to its commitment to excellence.

Led by Shirin Ali Fakhruddin, a woman at the helm, the brand aims to reach new heights. The ornate bottles and exquisite packaging of the wide range of fragrances showcase the finest oriental fragrances. The brand’s expertise in creating intricate and exquisite The brand takes its name from the family name, Hamid, and possesses in-house expertise in creating and producing some of the most intricate and exquisite oriental products that cater to various occasions, including personal, social, home, and ritual use.

Hamidi is dedicated to oriental perfumery and appeals to modern enthusiasts intrigued by Arabic perfumery’s mysticism and traditional values. The brand offers a selection of fragrances that celebrate Arabic culture and heritage and cater to diverse individuals.