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BeingShe is a platform that empowers women, by women, for women. Founded by Aparna Bajpai with an aim to give women a voice, a chance to turn their dreams into reality. It has now become an ecosystem for women’s self-discovery through its action driven initiatives: BeingShe Excellence Awards, BeingShe Club, BeingShe Empowered Program, She Talks and BeingShe Universe.

Through the BeingShe empowered programme, we have assisted foreign brands to connect with UAE customers, we have facilitated media connections, speaking opportunities and brand awareness activities to business owners seeking to establish themselves in the industry and to give their brands mass exposure in the UAE market.

Annually through the BeingShe Excellence initiative, we scout for exceptional women who deserve recognition for their talents and efforts across eight major categories. We believe that such recognition helps women elevate their credibility and secure career advancement opportunities.

Since inception, we have been empowering women through confidence-building and self-awareness with the BeingShe Universe initiative. This is an annual empowerment summit which brings women from different nationalities together for a five day training and coaching workshop on fashion and wellness.

We have had a lot of success stories from this initiative, our participants have gone on to become business owners, authors, actresses, radio presenters etc. It’s amazing what women can do once they are confident in themselves. Registrations for the BeingShe Universe 2022 are already in progress as we continue to impact and transform more lives this coming season. The opportunity is open to women aged 18 to 55 years, more information is available on our website www.beingshe.com.

Over the years due to the diverse nature of our initiatives, we have grown into a very diverse community of women. As a result, we officially launched the BeingShe Club which is a multicultural networking platform for women in the UAE to grow their business and professional network. Through our strong network, we are ushering women members into a bigger network that provides opportunities and growth.

We host diverse networking events like wellness retreats, masterclasses, private tours and tutorials for our members to connect with each other and grow their personal networks. Among other benefits, our members enjoy special discounted rates to attend BeingShe gala events and discounts from our various brands & service providers.

As a platform, we make constant efforts to bring industry experts and thought leaders for interactive panel discussions on relevant issues that affect our daily lives as women. Our She Talks sessions provide a great networking platform for business women in the region to launch products and collaborate.

During the first quarter of this year, we met with Gulf Women in Business and Gulf Women in Wellness. She Talks will be back in August as we meet with Gulf Women in Finance. To register as a panelist or keynote speaker get in touch through our website.

— The writer is Founder and CEO of BeingShe