Surprise your guests by entertaining them in your home’s exterior spaces, under the winter sun. They won’t say no to this unexpected treat! Get creative with this definitive list of our best ideas to spruce up your patios into functional hosting complements.

Backyard barbecue

Let your cookout skills shine as the grill master in your own backyard. The Pablo Mosaic BBQ Table from our collection will be at the heart of many sunny memories if you bring one home.

Alfresco brunch

We combined our two all-time favourite lunching ideas for the ultimate weekend plan. Lay out an extravagant feast for you and your guests to enjoy wearing Hawaiian shirts and sunglasses leisurely. Made from rust-free aluminium, our Panama Dining Set is perfect for this.

Poolside lounge

Host evening catch-ups with loved ones by the pool; they’ll never have enough! Bring out the swimming trunks and put your drinks on an inflatable float. Even as the grown-ups relax on daybeds, the kids can be occupied as they splash around.

Garden majlis

Ditch your summer majlis indoors for a more exciting one under the open sky! Spread out with your guests on our all-weather Bahamas Outdoor Sofas because there’s nothing like sipping hot karak with the breeze in your hair and grass beneath your shoes. Whichever idea you choose, add ample lighting to keep the party running long after the golden hour. And avoid giving bare-bones backyard feels by accessorising with lots of cosy accessories. Shop for these ideas in-store and online from Homes r Us and enjoy the last few days of the Half Back offer. When your outdoor spaces are beautifully decked-out for guests, you too will find yourself spending more time there on your own.