Keep counting. Mohammad Rasool and Samira pose with their emoji collection at their Dubai home Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/XPRESS

DUBAI: A young Emirati couple have taken their love for emojis to a new level. Mohammad Rasool, 28, and Samira, 26, have collected 588 emoji cushions, socks, keychains and accessories between them since their marriage in March 2016.


Samira said her fascination for the yellow faces started when she bought a love-struck emoji cushion online and gifted it to Rasool on their engagement.

Now emojis are an integral part of their lives.

“Emoji faces are so true to life. They reflect a whole gamut of human expressions from anger and joy to sadness and sarcasm,” said Samira, who, along with Rasool, has created a page on instagram called Dubai Emoji. “Nothing makes Samira happier than an emoji gift. I buy them for her from wherever I go,” said Rasool who works with Emirates airline.

Samira said every time they get an emoji, they feel they have a new family member.

“Today you can find emoji-themed products at various stores. This was not the case until a few years ago as we had to order them online from places like the UK and China and wait for weeks to get them. In some cases we had to pay import duty which was often more than the value of the actual product,” said Rasool.

Lately Samira, has turned her hobby into a craft by making emoji cushions out of fabric.

“I give them emoji cushions to children. The gifts always manage to bring a smile to their faces,” she said.