Swedish duo Roxette make a stop in Dubai on their world tour, almost 10 years after lead singer Marie was diagnosed with cancer. Image Credit: Arsahd Ali/Gulf News

Call me old fashioned, but I think pop music in the 21st Century is a little bit too serious. 

The recipe for success these days usually involves carefully planned marketing stunts and the desire to shock on an almost daily basis. 

So thank goodness the likes of Roxette are still around to remind us what pop music used to be about... Fun! 

Here is a band that's never been po-faced about their craft, and from the second the first bubblegum rock riff of Dressed for Success filled the Dubai World Trade Centre, you knew what was in store. 

Taking to the stage in outfits that would make David Hasselhof green with envy, the Swedish pop stars quickly had the Dubai crowd eating from the palm of their hands. 

Sleeping in my car followed, and the night was already won. Because even if you don't think you know Roxette, you do and you can't help yourself. 

Heroic sing-along choruses and karaoke bar anthems filled the night, battling against the terrible acoustics of what really should never be a concert venue. 

But it wasn't just the songs that got people on their feet - although almost every single hit was given an airing on the night - Roxette's joie de vivre came across loud and clear too. 

Too many bands come to this city and go through the motions, not these guys. They're still in love with performing, and it shows. 

The constant interaction with the crowd, the old fashioned rock stagecraft and the double encore at the end was all genuine. 

And it worked. The infectious energy of Roxette from the stage somehow transformed the usually cynical arms-folded audience as they danced, sang and made merry for almost two hours. 

Was it ground breaking? No. Was it profound? No. But did every single person who turned up leave the place with a smile on their face. Oh yes.