The birthplace of the Red Cross and home to the UN’s headquarters, Geneva is known as The Capital of Peace. Image Credit: Supplied picture

Dubai: What does it take to be the best country in the world?

According to a new US News and World Report survey, a key requirement is it has to excel across a range of criteria, from economic influence to citizenship and quality of life.

Written in collaboration with Y&R’s BAV Consulting and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, the survey evaluated 80 countries and more than 21,000 business leaders, informed elites, and general citizens. 

The 2017 Best Countries report ranked Switzerland at first place, followed by Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan in the top five.

“Switzerland debuts as the world’s 'top' country, in part because of its progressive social systems, protection of human rights and business-friendly environment,” said the ranking authors in a statement.

The UAE was ranked at 22, and authors of the report considered it as the best country to study abroad. The report said: “Students studying abroad in the United Arab Emirates will find themselves in a melting pot of nationalities. Foreign nationals – most from India and Pakistan – outnumber locals nine to one in the country, which is perceived to be the safest in the Arab region, ranking above even the United States.”

The report also ranked the UAE as the second best country in the world to start a career, while it was placed at 10th place for its quality of life.

The UAE was also ranked as the best Arab country to live in.  

Best Countries 2017

Rank Country
1 Switzerland
2 Canada
3 United Kingdom
4 Germany
5 Japan
6 Sweden 
7 United States
8 Australia
9 France
10 Norway
11 Netherlands
12 Denmark
13 Finland
14 New Zealand
15 Singapore
16 Italy
17 Luxembourg
18 Austria
19 Spain
20 China
21 Ireland
22 UAE
23 South Korea
24 Portugal
25 India

Source: U.S. News and World Report