The latest edition of Range Rover’s most prestigious model - SC Autobiography Image Credit: Supplied

DUBAI: Incredibly luxurious would be an understatement to describe the latest edition of Range Rover’s most prestigious model — SC Autobiography.

Trust us, if you want the ultimate in opulence and comfort in a SUV, then there’s nothing quite like this off-roader in the market.

Looks and image

The SC Autobiography takes the flagship Range Rover to new heights of sophistication, consolidating its position as perhaps the world’s most decadent and capable vehicle.

At just under 5 metres long, SC Autobiography has a very similar footprint to the previous model, but with a smoother and more streamline profile.

The interior is penthouse plush with immaculately-trimmed colour themes, power adjustable leather seating, rear-seat entertainment screens, Meridian surround sound music systems, adaptive cruise control and a knurled-finish key fob.

Behind the wheel

Powered by a five litre engine that spits out a massive 460 lb foot of torque, the car is breathtakingly quick yet it remains implausibly flat through the corners, thanks to re-engineered four-corner air suspension. It’s also so quiet you’d wonder if you have gone deaf. Even at 120km/h and 2,500rpm in velvety-smooth gearbox’s ratios, you’d hardly hear a sound. The road grip is good as it handles paved roads and rutted tracks with equal ease, though one doubts if anybody would want to take this piece of art off road.


Bentley Bentayga, Porsche Cayenne Turbo S.

Did you know?

The name Range Rover name was coined by stylist Tony Poole, after other model names – among them Panther and Leopard – were rejected.