Vogue Fitness
Image Credit: Vogue Fitness

Vogue Fitness has been ranked as the UAE’s top fitness centre and best gym in Abu Dhabi, and one of the top fitness brands in the UAE. With multiple locations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah, Vogue Fitness offers the most modern training experience possible with its world-class coaching team. Our goal at Vogue Fitness is to provide you with the best hour of your day, and every time you complete a class with us, you will leave feeling amazing.

We specialise in group fitness classes, ranging from CrossFit, to bootcamp-style training, to a range of programmes developed by our team that are designed to maximise your fitness results.

Personal training is also a speciality of Vogue Fitness if you are looking for specific results. Vogue Fitness can help you shape your body, reduce body fat, and rapidly increase your fitness levels. We specialise as welcoming new people to Vogue Fitness, as we teach you from start to finish. From the moment you walk into a class, you are under the careful guidance of one of our coaches who will guide and assist you at every twist and turn.

“Vogue Fitness is the best gym  I have ever been to,” said Steven Jonothan.”I have got tremendous results in a really short time frame”.

Faris Al Shamsi is another person that loves Vogue Fitness, “There is no other place like it. Before Vogue Fitness, I did not enjoy training at a gym. Now with Vogue Fitness, I get very excited for class every day. It is unbelievable how positively they have impacted my view on health and fitness. I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been in my life, and I feel fantastic.”