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Near infinite possibilities exist in a market as mature as the UAE to turn a house into a home. With interior specialists catering to just about every budget and UAE and global furnishing brands providing a plethora of choices for everything from the latest trends in home accessories, UAE customers are spoilt for choice. And during this festive season, the urge to amp up living spaces and lend them a new look and feel is on high, feel sector stakeholders.

Thomas Lundgren

Thomas Lundgren, Founder & CEO, THE One Total Home Experience, reveals that the brand’s home styling experiences have become increasingly popular during Ramadan. “Customers seek to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in their homes, and our team of experts provide personalised recommendations to help them achieve their desired look and feel.”

Go neutral

Highlighting festive season demands from customers looking to accessorise their homes, Lundgren says, “Our customers often opt for neutral colour schemes with pops of gold and metallic accents that add a touch of luxury and elegance to their homes during Ramadan. We see an increased demand for tableware, dining accessories, lanterns and rugs.”

Rhena Ahmadie, Senior Visual Merchandiser, Crate & Barrel Middle East, agrees with Lundgren on consumer behaviours and the demand for more neutral tones, especially while setting the tables for family get togethers and festive occasions during Ramadan. “In cutlery and decor, we are seeing more natural elements and single muted colour stories alongside various finishes such as marble, stone, and metals – instead of the usual vibrance we see during this time of year.”

Hence, just like with the trends in furniture over the last few years, people are finding comfort and tranquility in a more minimal setting. Eliminating as much noise around them as they can, homeowners seek to build their own mini sanctuary across their living space. Muted colours and playful textures are soft and inviting, they are also hospitable and great conversation starters, and perfect for this time of year.

“This minimalistic approach offers soft tones and textures that nod to a more peaceful and calmer interior,” says Ahmadie. “There are also more blue hues, greens, pops of muted pink and neutral, organic tones when it comes to décor and table settings this season.”

The art of taking one colour motif, and distributing it in different tones across the household is common a well, adds Ahmadie, all the while tying it together with a foundation piece or element such as copper, gold, or silver. And the innovations you incorporate need not be meant for the festive season alone, they can be a long-term fashion statements as well

Year-round feel

For instance, you could incorporate your fancy dinnerware by dressing it down and mixing it with some of your everyday dining pieces after Ramadan, says Ahmadie. Some timeless pieces like candleholders, serving sets and even lanterns can be used year-round in the home. Lanterns can be layered into your living area or outdoor décor, filled with lights or plants as a lovely, yet modern statement.

That said, home renovation can be a hectic affair and sourcing the bits that deliver the look can be time consuming if shopping entails visiting multiple stores on foot. Fortunately, UAE home furnishing brands have this sorted, with e-commerce options offering amazing choices.

Rise of e-commerce

Revenues for THE One have in fact increased post-pandemic and Ramadan is expected to see the trend being sustained, says Lundgren. Doffing a cap to discerning clients online who know exactly what they want when they shop , Lundgren says, “Customers have become more proficient at searching for products, comparing prices, and making informed purchasing decisions. The pandemic has accelerated the trend towards e-commerce and has made our customers more comfortable and confident in their online shopping experience with us.”

Supporting the client’s requirements to access their product lines across several levels, Lundgren adds, “Many of our e-commerce customers use our physical stores for inspiration and to test larger items before completing their purchase online. At THE One, we believe it’s important to provide customers with multiple touchpoints to create a seamless and convenient shopping experience for everyone, whether it’s online or in-store.”

More than just interiors

In keeping with the festive fervour, interior and furnishing brands such as THE One are also offering something extra to their clientele.

“At THE One, we offer exceptional value to our customers with our high-quality products at competitive prices and that remains true even for our curated Ramadan Edit,” reveals Lundgren. “At THE One Bistro in Abu Dhabi, we also embrace the spirit of Ramadan with our delicious daily Iftar deals for two, which changes on a weekly basis during the Holy Month.”