DUBAI: There's a celebration lurking just round the corner. And now you have a choice to make: Make this New Year's Eve forgettable or unforgettable.

Chances are high that your body is weary from the week-long celebrations of Christmas. You're entering the tail end of the party week, the climax, the grand finale, and unless you want to fall flat on your face with exhaustion, or nod off in the middle of an emotional New Year's toast, you need to plan well in advance all that it takes to stay comfortable, feel healthy, look good and, perhaps most important, not throw up at the end of the night, walking home with smudged mascara or askew ties.

Be fashionably smart

"For NYE there is no such thing as too much bling," says Saygin Yalcin, President and Founder of online fashion store Sukar. "This is the night where everything goes and you can rock that sequinned mini with a flashy blouse or you can even go for the extreme and wear that LBD [little black dress] with loads of accessories and a stunning flashy clutch." But, and in these cases there's always a but, fashion has to work alongside compromise. Yalcin's ultimate tip for an all-nighter without any style faux pas is to "carry a pair of flats/flip-flops in case those killer heels or suave gentlemanly shoes begin to torture your feet. There is nothing more unstylish than not being able to dance until the early morning".


Make Healthy choices

"Bringing in the new year, at a party, could mean that you are outdoors and on your toes for almost six hours," says Balan Sundaramurthy, yoga expert at Balance Wellness Club. "It would be wise to keep snacking on something healthy, preferably low protein, through the evening in order to keep your energy levels up. For those who intend to consume any amount of beverage on the night, it is important to eat small portions of food along with this. Finally, ensure that you eat a well balanced meal before midnight and retire relatively early, even if it is New Year's Eve!"


Travel-free night

Traffic always has been and always will be a bone of contention on New Year's Eve.

Only plan to drive if you absolutely must. And plan well in that case. Bear in mind that you may have to get to your venue hours before the event so as not to miss it due to snaking traffic on the streets.

As far as possible, look for entertainment options within walking distance of your home. You will thank yourself for it later.

Kalyan, an event planner at Eventainment, advises that it's okay to have to travel across town for New Year's Eve parties as long as you remember to clock a few extra hours to your travel time when planning the night. "Reach the venue as early as necessary even if it means waiting outside closed doors for a few hours. It's better than the alternative of spending New Year's Eve stuck in your car."

Stick to budget

Have a budget in mind and stick to it with all your might. It's very easy to lose track of how many rounds are on you when you're in such a festive mood. Keep a wad of cash securely hidden in the back of your wallet and under no circumstances touch that money. It's your emergency ration in the event you're left stranded or need a taxi to go home.


Drink! Water, that is.

Rule number one to surviving any night out, not just New Year's Eve, is to keep drinking water. "It is also essential to stay hydrated, especially if you are drinking," says Sundaramurthy. "Avoid energy drinks or excessive stimulants as they can cause imbalances that last well beyond the night."

The last thing you want is to be over-excited when you get home, stay awake all night and sleep through January 1!