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Since 1884, Mylands paints have been famed from film sets to palaces for their unmatched quality and depth of colour. And in homes across the world, Mylands palette has proved itself as durable and easy to use as it is environmentally friendly. So, it makes sense that the business has worked proudly in London for fivegenerations — because good things are made to last.

Made in London

The company still produces and manufactures products in the same South London Borough in which it began, Lambeth, and it has always prided itself on taking time to employ a diverse workforce from the local area.

Made to last

Mylands paints create looks that last. Hard wearing, highly durable and beautifully pigmented, they, like the company, stand the test of time, meaning they have a truly sustainable quality. And with its low VOC, water and plant-based resins, Mylands’ aim is to minimise impact wherever possible.

Plant-based paints made in London

We all want to protect the beauty of where we live — our world. So, Mylands is making sure its future as a company is a conscientious one — minimising impact on the planet through ingredients and innovations. It’s a journey that’s ongoing, but one the company is wholly committed to.

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These are just some the steps Mylands is taking:

The power of plants: Mylands has worked tirelessly over 12 years to reduce the chemicals and microplastics used within its paints, resulting in plant-based paint ranges.

Naturally better: The oils used are all ethically sourced, many of the mineral fillers are natural clays, and the company uses natural pigments wherever possible.

Lateral thinking: Mylands’ sustainable, natural, Olive Stone Emulsion uses ground down olive stones as a cleverly upcycled filler.

Change starts at home: Mylands manufactures all its paints in-house and has full control over its sustainability claims — and thanks to production being under one roof, the brand can re-engineer unused or mis-tinted colours, minimising waste as much as possible.