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In the last column, I wrote on blockages of the root chakra energy at the physical, emotional and thought/mental levels. In this piece, I offer suggestions on restoring the alignment of an imbalanced root energy. Chakras work in tandem. Hence, when the root (chakra) is in balance, it supports alignment of all other chakras.

Connecting with the root, Mother Earth

Walking barefeet on earth, being in the greens/forests/ nature, soaking up sunlight, fresh air, hugging trees, sitting/sleeping on the floor, touching soil with bare hands/gardening, consuming root vegetables, dancing, moving the body with awareness, yoga postures such as 'mal-aasan', 'vriksh-aasan', 'tad-aasan', 'baal-aasan', chanting seed mantra ‘lam’ are a few ways of self-nurturing and aligning with the root chakra energy.

Connecting with the body

Routing awareness inwards, stilling the mind from incessant thoughts, resting in an “empty” mind and resting the body, helps to ground the root energy. Gentler the process of placing focus inwards, stronger the connection.

Connecting with the five elements

The body is made of water, heat, air, space, awareness; all the primordial elements that constitute earth. In connecting with the body, we connect with earth; in awareness that the food we eat is grown on earth using these five elements. With gratitude and respect one can eat their food, take care of their body and feel happy to be alive.

Connecting with chakras

Each element is also a chakra connection at the glandular level, biologically speaking. The element water governs the sacral chakra (fluids of the body, emotions), heat/ temperature governs solar plexus energy channels (digestive fire/ abdominal region health, passion). The heart chakra is connected to openness (air in the lungs), the throat centre to the element space (thyroids, expression) and the third eye with insight, awareness, wisdom. When one is “rooted”, one is connected to their own higher wisdom.

Living the passion

There are things that one desires to do, desires to create, in that, one feels “alive”, inspired, energised, forgets time and space. Living those interests or passions brings groundedness, connects self to self. When passion doesn’t get expression, then restlessness, dissatisfaction with life happens. When my passion doesn’t get expression or get nurtured, unhappiness follows, creating imbalances. This results in feelings such as, "I feel 'de-centered’, ‘joyless’, ‘purposeless’.”

Connecting with life’s purpose

Living up passion opens up the path of purpose. Why am I here, what is my purpose (on earth)? Questions as these surface when we are in human form on earth. When I root in my passion, I discover more of myself, connect more to my power. As I begin to understand more of myself, my purpose starts to unfold. But where does my passion come from: passion to design wood or be a teacher and nurture minds?

Passion has roots in inherent talents, core strengths that one is born with. So, trust your nature, instincts. I will have passion for things where my talents or strengths lie. My talents may have been expressed or may still be seeking expression. In expression, my purpose opens up. Alternatively, with inherent talents, I can “choose” my purpose. This way, I can transcend or root out my fear-based blocks and restore energy of root chakra.


What is buried deep within me, in my roots, what talents/ strengths that I am still not connected to? How may I give healthy expression to my talents/passion?

What is buried deep within me, that I am hiding / suppressing/ resisting/ due to fear? What resentments are buried?

What are my weaknesses that I fear looking inward at myself and acknowledging?

In feeling welcomed on earth, in being here and now, you will have the insight to see your own uniqueness and reason for being here.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own, and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her website is: Email: