Festive decor
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Whether you’re looking for a bit of subtle enhancements or full-blown transformations, there’s no better time to refresh the look and feel of your home than the festive season. As our homes buzz with guests, joy and laughter, it’s an opportune time for a vibrant makeover.

From thoughtful lighting choices to fresh upholstery and captivating centerpieces, there are myriad ways to bring in the joyous spirit of the season into your home and designing a cosy and enchanting space doesn’t always require a hefty budget. With some simple tips and tricks, you can easily spread the festive cheer and create the perfect setting for family gatherings.

“The best way to embrace the festive spirit without spending a fortune is to invest in a few key pieces rather than having a lot of small decorations scattered throughout your home,” says Hanne Langmead, Collection Conceptualiser, THE One.

“Focus on the living and dining areas as they are central to entertaining and setting the right mood. Opt for a well-sized tree with warm string lights, a wreath on a mirror, and paper stars in strategic places, like windows or above the dining table. Simple additions like a bowl or vase filled with your favourite baubles, along with candles and festive music, can also create a cosy and inviting atmosphere without overspending,” Langmead explains.

Popular design trends

Whether you are aiming for a traditional festive look or a touch of modern elegance, it’s easy to blend contemporary styles with timeless pieces for a harmonious look.

“To seamlessly blend classic and contemporary styles, start with a festive colour scheme that complements your existing interior. With a variety of classic pieces now available in modern colours, it’s easy to stay true to your personal style while refreshing your décor; so choose items that bring joy and harmony to your home’s aesthetic,” says Langmead.

Echoing current interior styles, this year’s festive design trends favour matte finishes and muted colours like mustard, green, bronze, and burgundy.

“Mixing ultra-matte accessories with shiny décor helps create a contemporary and stylish look. We’re also seeing more natural materials like paper, wood, stone, and rattan this season, reflecting a broader trend towards organic elements,” says Langmead.

Modern glam continues to be a timeless trend amidst festivities, says Shishir Upadhyay, Head of Buying, Pan Home.

“Bring opulence by adorning your space with rich emerald green, sapphire blue, and metallic glam, creating an atmosphere of grandeur for your holiday festivities. Add a playful twist to the classic green and red scheme with a mid-century colour palette, blending vintage and modern design elements. For a personalised touch, infuse sentimental value into your décor by creating custom ornaments, personalised stockings, or homemade crafts,” he says.

The trend of incorporating nature-inspired elements into home décor is also gaining momentum this festive season. For a calming and relaxed interior, consider embracing the outdoors with earthy hues from the nature’s palette, botanical prints and natural textures.

“Integrate elements like rustic wooden finishes, subdued metallics, and textured textiles to create a cosy, farmhouse-inspired festive ambiance at home. Elevate the holiday spirit by incorporating potted plants and floral arrangements, enhanced by matte-finished gold and silver decor. Alternatively, embrace minimalism and opt for neutral colour palettes and elegantly simple decorative accents, allowing the beauty of simplicity to shine this festive season,” explains Upadhyay.

Upgrade, renew and create

From a stylish sofa in the living room to a statement bed frame and an elegant dining table for hosting joyous gatherings, the festive season gives the perfect opportunity to invest in key furniture pieces and breathe new life to your interiors.

“Look for sofas with rich fabrics and intricate designs and beds featuring upholstered headboards or detailed carvings aligning with the festive spirit,” says Sulin Sugathan, President and Director of Retail at Royal Furniture. “Customisation of furniture is gaining popularity these days where people have the option to choose colours and fabric, and design the size of their furniture based on the look of the room.”

Easy upgrades

A few simple tweaks, new additions and the rearrangement of furniture can also work wonders and transform the way your home looks. An inexpensive way to revamp your space is to get a new set of drapes for windows. Ready-to-hang swags of fabrics in various hues and textures are now available at stores in the UAE which can jazz up any home in a very cost-effective way.

Getting a new rug is another effortless way to add some glamour and an instant upgrade to your interior during the festive season.

“The most important point to consider while changing rugs is its size and placement. Plan the size based on where you want to place the rug or carpet,” suggests Sugathan. “Bigger sizes are more suited for the living room while smaller rugs are ideal for the bedrooms and hallways. Choose the size of your rug correctly or else it can end up making your space look smaller.”

When it comes to the latest trends in rugs and carpets, rich, warm colours like gold and deep blues are popular as they easily elevate the look of the room.

“Traditional patterns often complement festive themes. However, if you’re looking to buy something you expect to keep for a long time, contemporary patterns such as geometric designs or florals can work well. Earthy tones and natural colours are also in vogue. These can create a cosy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for the festive season too. You can also opt for rugs with high-contrast designs to make a bold statement. Black and white combinations or contrasting patterns can be visually striking,” Sugathan points out.

Twinkle all the way

The heart of any festive décor lies in its lighting. Changing the light fixtures, adding a few attractive lamp shades and weaving in the glow of multi-coloured string lights can easily lift the overall mood of a house.

“Add a twinkling touch by filling everyday lanterns with battery-operated string lights in various colour options,” suggests Upadhyay from Pan Home.

“Use Moroccan lanterns with LED candles for a bright and budget-friendly glow in your garden, porches, patios, and other areas of your home. String light curtains will also make a big impact for a little money in filling your home with a festive glow,” he says. ■