Amru Alabidi with a horse at the Elite Horsemanship equestrian club Image Credit: Supplied

ABU DHABI: Elite Horsemanship, an equestrian club located near Yas Island, is offering “horse whispering” classes where one can learn how to communicate with horses.

As the definition goes, horse whispering is a skill that helps riders develop a healthy rapport with horses using appropriate sounds and hand gestures. The course that was recently introduced by British-Palestinian expat Amru Alabidi at the club has over 100 students.

“I introduced the sessions because I want to change the way people think about horses. Although mastering the art could take a lifetime, these classes definitely will take you a long way,” says Alabidi.

Horse psychology

“These classes can open a whole new world for horse lovers. While they help amateurs understand the horse psychology and behaviour they are a great tool for experienced equestrians to comprehend and appreciate their horse,” he adds.

Alabidi says the classes have not just helped individuals become better horse riders, but also better individuals in both their personal and professional lives. “You’re a different person by the end of it.”

The hour-long sessions include learning words, noises and hand gestures to guide the animal to sit, walk and run.

“We want to use the power of compassion and love – not force – to work with horses,” says Alabidi. According to him, it’s all about respecting the animal and learning commands they are most likely to respond to.

“There will come a moment when the animal begins to see you as the lead mare, or almost like his mum. It means you’ve won his confidence and you’ll experience a whole new bond with the horse,” adds the 36-year-old trainer.

The sessions are charged at Dh300 for an hour or Dh2,700 for a 10-hour package. For more information call 050-545 1843 or visit www.elitehorsemanship.com