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We might be WFH (working from home) and consumerism might be on temporary hold, but make no mistake, this is not the time to slow down.

Suddenly, the urgency of keeping local industries running becomes imperative not just for the sake of current economic ecosystems, but for a future lined with truly sustainable businesses, brands and lifestyles.

Discover new and emerging talent. Design has been, first and foremost, about solving problems. A new world requires new problem solvers and a fresh perspective. It is in our best interests, to eke out new talent — from fresh graduates, to people working in research and those from ‘not-your-typical’ capitals of influence — and give them a platform.

Support local Businesses: Take this time to lend a hand to regional brands, regional talent and regional makers — share them on your Whatsapp groups, promote them on your social channels and most importantly, BUY FROM THEM. If we really want a home-grown design industry (or any industry for that matter), this is the time to put your money where your mouth is.

Influence Policy Change: As the world rapidly evolves, policies, big and small, local and global, are being reshaped or planned. Wherever you are, you have a sphere of influence, so use it to create a world that aligns with your belief system.

On that note, what is it that we believe in? How can we use this time of self-isolation to emerge as better versions of ourselves, prepared for a brand-new world?

Adam Zagnar, one of the UAE’s foremost life coaches tells us how.

“Perhaps you are reading this with worry, uncertainty and sadness over how coronavirus is impacting people’s lives here in the UAE and globally. It is always how you react to a situation, rather than the situation itself that can create the greatest impact for you.”


Use this time to step outside of your comfort zone and get comfortable being uncomfortable. How are you going to step up and innovate yourself? What is the thing that scares you the most that you know you must do? Use this time to level up your skills.


You can choose to see this situation through a lens of problem or opportunity. By seeing it as a problem you will get fearful, take little action and lower your standards. By seeing it as an abundant opportunity, you will see it through a lens of love, gratitude. You will be thankful to spend more time with your loved ones, or on having the time to read or up level your skills.


How you use your time represents what is important to you. Take a moment to remember the important people and things in your life and learn to prioritise them. Simply start by planning one thing you will do tomorrow that will show that you value and are growing that priority. As your focus shifts to priorities of your choosing the positive energy will flow in a better way and attract great things to you.


Organise your daily routine and rituals around your priorities. I want you to make sure you have a set of rituals that is of a higher standard and you are planning and preparing for the opportunities that will soon be presented to you. The rituals and standards you live consistently to now will result in who you will become in the near future.


Be confident and learn to say no to people and delete social media groups who zap your energy and do not have your back. You are the average of the five people you hang around with so now is a new opportunity to raise your standards by limiting time to positive, energising people.


Decide who you really want to be and hold yourself accountable to that high standard. Use the time and space you have free from noise to vision a better version of yourself and a better life. This will then lead to better behaviours and long-term results

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