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The twists and turns of yoga postures while give your body all round movement, it’s the internal organs, tissues and cells which get stimulated to function at their peak. Recent studies have found that just 20 minutes of yoga can give your brain such a boost that stress, fatigue, depression, anxiety, etc, can be driven away. So much so that even mental disorders can be controlled and brought down to manageable levels. Yoga postures and deep breathing hold the key to your health and happiness. This key lies in a chemical messenger called oxytocin.

Dubbed as the love hormone, oxytocin is known for its celebratory performance in promoting the feelings of love and bonding. The central nervous system, major organs and the oxytocin hormone combine together with the vagus nerve to send messages that help relax and bring down blood pressure and cortisol levels. Oxytocin is a built-in anti-stress mechanism of the body. When you fall in love, it is oxytocin that gushes in your blood stream. This is the hormone that prepares women for child birth, stimulates milk production and creates that bond between them and their babies. It also plays a pivotal role in sexual arousal. Even in nonsexual relationships, where there is warmth and attachment, it builds trust.



Warmth triggers the release of this hormone which means cuddles, hugs, good music, massage, soothing lights and above all yoga postures and deep breathing. So try finding a yoga class that uses music as a prop to drown you in the ocean of oxytocin.


Yoga is a well-recognised tool today that is known to release this hormone. Right from the practice of deep breathing, which helps warm up your body, as you move into asanas, even muscles and joints start warming up, encouraging the body to relax and become compatible to the release of oxytocin. The end of a yoga session is marked by deep relaxation brought about with postures such as Shavasana or Makarasana which further relax the body and mind to trigger yet another volley of oxytocin.


TIP OF THE WEEK: Touch is the best way to release the love hormone. Be it others’ or your own. So bring your palms together in any posture, join them with reverence and allow your own touch change your physical and emotional chemistry.


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Please consult a doctor before starting any yoga regime at home.


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