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UFC GYM offers an extensive programme of functional fitness and mixed martial arts that blend skill training and conditioning. Image Credit: Supplied

After more than two months of closures due to the coronavirus pandemic, Dubai’s UFC GYM is now operating at full capacity and welcoming members to its spacious clubs in Business Bay and JBR.

A franchise of the UFC GYM in USA, the Dubai UFC GYM promotes a blend of fitness and mixed martial arts (MMA) programmes across all age groups, regardless of gender. MMA is known to improve strength and confidence as well as mental toughness and resilience in individuals. It is particularly beneficial for kids as it enhances hand-eye coordination and builds courage and self-discipline from early on.

The UFC GYM is affiliated with the UAE Jiu Jitsu Federation, which enables it to host and take part in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions and belting ceremonies in the UAE. “We are following every piece of advice from the government, health officials and fitness governing bodies within the UAE, and have taken extra precautionary measures to ensure a safe work-out environment in our clubs,” says Krzysztof Soszynski, former UFC contender and Director of Fitness and MMA of the UFC GYM in the Middle East. He encourages UAE residents to invest in health to boost immunity and wellbeing to lower the risk of infectious diseases.

“We offer an extensive programme of functional fitness and mixed martial arts, and these blend skill training and conditioning. Our functional fitness classes are usually high-intensity training classes, and focus on speed, agility, core strength, and flexibility. The UFC GYM signature classes, which include boxing conditioning, kick boxing conditioning, Fight Fit and Daily Ultimate Training, build fitness, strength, stamina and discipline. Outside the signature UFC GYM classes we offer a variety of MMA disciplines, which include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA skills and conditioning,” says Soszynski.

Fully sanitised and disinfected

According to Lisa Garrett, Engagement and Corporate Manager, “The UFC GYM has increased its cleaning manpower to ensure that the facilities are fully sanitised and disinfected. Our staff are having their temperatures taken every day and anyone who enters into our clubs must have their temperature checked as well. If anyone shows symptoms or has a temperature above 37.5C, they will be not allowed.”

There are also hand sanitiser and cleaning stations throughout the facilities. “We have also ensured that our coaches and members make sure that all the gym equipment are wiped down before and after use, ensuring that social distancing rules of two metres is adhered to throughout the facilities,” she says. The changing facilities and showers are fully operational in the gym and members are given fresh towels on arrival, which are then laundered and sanitised.

All the classes are running to full capacity. However, “we are encouraging contact-less mixed martial art conditioning classes by using dummies and striking bags,” says Soszynski.

Call 800UFCGYM to register for a 3-DAY PASS.