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Prime Medical Centre on Al Wasl Road is one of the largest of its kind. Image Credit: Supplied

Prime Medical Centre at Al Wasl Road delivers world-class expertise from among the best doctors in the neighbourhood. Right from consultation and diagnosis, to testing and treatment to delivering medications from an in-built pharmacy, it’s proven to be a premium, one-stop service provider.

Its’ close proximity to Jumeirah and Al Safa makes it an easy medical centre to visit, meaning shorter waiting times when you arrive (but of course, after you fix an appointment). It’s also the absolute assurance of having medical assistance within reach in times of immediate need.

One-stop destination. Diverse services

Perhaps the most striking feature of the clinic is the vast portfolio of medical services that it offers across departments ranging from paediatrics and orthopaedics to dermatology, ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynaecology, general practice, ENT and many more. It is equipped with a full-fledged lab, radiology department and cardio testing featuring the highly advanced echo test for quicker, accurate results, unlike conventional tests. The advanced, modern dental department at Prime Medical Centre in Al Wasl Road is also one of the largest of its kind across the Prime Healthcare Group.

Apart from state-of-the-art medical technology, what gives Prime Medical Centre at Al Wasl Road its most decisive edge is the vast portfolio of the best medical minds – the most experienced doctors with globally proven expertise over the years.

Highest level of quality care

The Medical Centre treats every patient with care while conforming to global standards of quality hygiene, where every member of the staff, from the nurses to the doctors, are fully trained in following safety measures while ensuring that they wear appropriate gear from masks to gloves, during medical assessment and treatment.

All medical wear and tools are designed for one-time use and immediately disposed of post-treatment, to prevent transmission of any infection. Care has been taken to follow a sufficient degree of social distance, while also ensuring that every corner of the hospital or clinic is equipped with hand sanitisers to guarantee maximum cleanliness.

It all adds up to the conclusion that out here, you are always in Prime Health!

To know more, just drop in while dropping all formalities of course by booking an appointment on 04 707 0999.