Woman practising yoga and meditation. Image Credit: Shutterstock

It’s not unusual for us to feel fragmented, it is a kind of spaced out feeling — implying void within. What is this feeling and what is the purpose?

One can define fragmentation as splitting of consciousness. The purpose is to allow experience of variety, the variety of nature’s existence. From incompleteness comes the desire to move to completeness, the desire to fill the vacuum. As beings born from the infinite, anything finite will feel incomplete.

Fragmentation propels moving from mono-focus to multi -focus for purposes of obtaining different perspectives of life and integrating them back into the self which is like homecoming. This brings enrichment of experience and one feels fuller and complete; the wandering and gaining of knowledge, experiencing new things, is filling to the self-‘expansiveness’.


But this fragmentation causes suffering; there’s distraction and derailment from goals, so why fragment? The idea that fragmentation is causing suffering is akin to the idea of leaving home for other locations/ countries and missing home; the source point from where things originated for you. In that sense, suffering exists. But would you really call this suffering? A painful experience? If that is the perspective, then see the positives this fragmentation is bringing, the whole lot of enrichment, adventure, joy and ‘newness’ in life. Would you say that “I will never leave home to travel, study, or do anything, because ultimately I will have to come back home, so why bother going at all?”

Yet you go and yet you come back to ‘home’ and rest from those outside experiences, enriched in your soul and heart by bringing those new experiences. And sharing them, sharing your perspective(s) of the world. That is your uniqueness which adds to the creativity of the creation. All your thoughts, perspectives and experiences are not in vain. They go somewhere. Where? They are fed/ integrated into the home of the cosmos.

Why integrate?

Integration is a collated experience that gives a sense of fulfilment, a sense of purpose. It is like joining the pieces of a puzzle to complete the picture, when you collate the pieces to see the whole image.

You’re curious beings who want to adventure, you must step out of the integration/ unity to experience diversification. This diversification is the joy you seek. When diversification happens enough and you have travelled far from the unity (integrated self), then you see joy in homecoming. You come back with a sense of fulfilment having lived diversified experiences. This adds to the unity/integration/ to complete the picture and to see the self as whole and complete.

Oneness with higher self

At some point, you will definitely seek integration. When it is time and you are looking your way back to home, you may feel lost as well. These lost feelings you experience are in the form of a range of emotions. Emotions also well up when you experience diversification as much when you experience fullness of unity/ integration.

You play with emotions; that is the playground you have chosen to experience in the human form. Your emotions and feelings will tell your stages that you are in (as you move from diversification to integration). This is very important; as you come to the end of the human journey, emotions would have integrated too, bringing the feeling of completeness. You know that because your Centre will no longer oscillate with emotions.

Know that emotions are slaves of your higher consciousness. When consciousness is expanded (which comes through a range of experiences due to diversification), you will feel integrated within your being. The attachments will no longer be a charge. It’s really not integration with this or that, but it’s you experiencing the higher (aspects of) you. That’s homecoming.