As human beings we have the tool of imagination through which we can create. Image Credit: Getty Images

In my last column, I articulated on the merits of ‘not becoming’ your unwanted emotions and, instead, being mindful of them and switching them by changing the narrative.

The article ended with an example of an unwanted thought: “I am depressed.”

Here’s how you can build on the narrative.

“I am happy.”

“No matter what, I am always happy.”

Build the narrative further by saying: “When I am happy, I accomplish great things”; “Happiness brings me all the things I want”; “Happiness is my new status”; “Today my status is: happiness.”

Feel the narrative as you speak. “No matter what,” is a great narrative builder. It means you are ready to reject the excuses and move to an empowered (emotional) state.

Changing the narrative involves flipping your thoughts to those that serve you. Serving thoughts when dominant, create new positive experiences. Positive experiences thus realign perceptions. Positively aligned perceptions elevate your emotional state.


I talked about ‘not becoming’, just feeling and observing an unwanted thought. But, become you must, since you are experiencing this physical, earthly life. So, what do you become, when you ‘do not become’?

Here’s an example of two emotions highlighted in the last article. When you ‘do not become’ ‘stupid’ here’s what you become: ‘wise.’ When you do not become ‘anger’, you become ‘joy’. When you drop ‘judgement’ and don’t be it, you become ‘discernment’, when you release ‘chaos’, you become ‘peace.’ When you let go of ‘hatred’, you become ‘acceptance.’

In unbecoming, you become. There is a shift in your vibrational frequency.

Emotions can be mapped on frequency level. Dr David Hawkins’s ‘Map of Consciousness’, assesses emotions on a vibratory scale of consciousness from 1-1000. On the scale, emotions of anger, shame, guilt, fear, pride fall on low vibrational frequencies- between 1 to below 200, whereas emotions of trust (250), understanding (400), gratitude (510) scales high.

When you are on a high emotional frequency, you operate from a high level of consciousness. Living in a low vibratory state suppress the life force. The negative trapped emotions manifest as imbalances in the body and mind.


As human beings we have the tool of imagination through which we can create. Whether we use this tool to create fearful scenarios or enabling ones is, again, up to us. So, what imagery and emotions are you creating with your thoughts to live in a particular vibratory state? Let’s say:

(Thought): “I am not sure.” “I can’t decide”

(You Created): A scenario of worry, confusion.

(Emotion fed): Anxiety.

Now transform this thought narrative:

(New thought narrative): “I am certain.” “I decide with ease.”

(You Created): A scenario of trust, calm.

(Emotion fed): Self-trust.


When you change to positive thought narratives, hold on to them and sustain them, and do so long enough, you start creating new reality for yourself. From thinking, to creating and becoming is a process.

In the above example, you are shifting moment to moment to ‘become’ ‘self-trust’ instead of being ‘anxiety’.

‘I am’……; this is a state from where you start the script. It is blank. It is up to you what narrative you choose to fill it with. What you fill it with is what you create in your environment.

Also know, that unwanted thoughts are not without a reason. There are learning buried in there for you. When you take your learning, you resolve the situation and with the closure, you are able to move. This process involves an honest self-inquiry and self-analysis.

For instance, in a thought such as: “I am not sure. I can’t decide,” your background running programme could be: “I am not willing to take the responsibility of the decision.” Dig further: why? And as you do so, you are ready to unfold: Who, after all, am I? Who am I?

— Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a chakra balancing meditation coach, Theta Healer and a sound therapist. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at: